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  • I just wanted to show my current projext X3. This is the second game i'm making. First one was tiny defense a endless wave tower defense (http://tinydefense.clay.io).

    X3 on the other hand is a kind of physics thingy shooter. You kick energy at enemies.

    Right now there is a tutorial, 3 levels, and a playground. At this point i'm wtill under 50 events and most of this is thanks to my programmnig background which taught me to re-use and use inheritance.

    current bugs (features):

      • If you press 'r' enough you got a clone army.

      The game: undesign.be/X3[/b]

      Also a big thanks to the construct2 team for making such an eleborate framework. If i ever have money i will buy it.

    • update:

      giant graphics overhaul.

    • Woah! Awesome game! I really like the graphics! Though I have a hard time attacking stuff >___<

    • InvaderX thanks. Also the hard time is because the energy ball needs a cetrain speed to kill something or else you can just drop it and wait for them to run over the ball.

      I'm also updating the graphics a bit more. And adding levels.

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    • You can fix the r key bug by doing:

      On R Pressed> Destroy Player

                    Wait 0 seconds

                    Create Player Object

      That'll destroy any other Player object instance before it spawns a new one.

    • that part is fixed now. I make the reset do a full reset like it was intended. Since in the newer levels you can fail by throwing things into the abyss. So you'll need to restart.

      There is a lot changing now and i need to put a new version online.

      EDIT: new version online with the same link.

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