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  • Hey guys.

    I am working on a 2D sandbox game. Not much info for now. I'm working on the engine so there is not much to test right now.

    What is in this first test build?

    • Terrarin generation
    • Tree generation
    • Inventory should work (Button or Shortcut "I"

    (Note that there are only 3 items you can have right now. It's Pickaxe, sword and Dirt block)

    • Sword is only visually for the moment
    • Dig the dirt with equipped pickaxe should work
    • Build dirt with equipped dirt blocks
    • Doublejump integrated
    • Shift to Run (For a short time)
    • F1 includes little console stuff

    Thanks and regards

  • I knew someone is working on sanbox games :) You re invited to discuss design choices of sandbox games at classic-games-case-study thread at general game design subforum.

    How do you manage feature bloat ? :)


  • Just worked on flower generation, clouds,prettier UI and some visuals for energy and health.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • hei very nice :D

    reminded me a bit Terraria

  • Sieht gut aus:)

  • Thank you guys!

    Newest additions:

    ? Added axe

    ? Chop trees with the axe

    ? Trees drop sapplings which you can plant

    ? Trees grow up at an random time interval

    ? Trees drop wood which you can use to build as a block

    ? Zoom out button where you can see more of the world


    <img src="" border="0" />


    <img src="" border="0" />

    Plant tree

    <img src="" border="0" />


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  • Hey guys.

    Would be great if some of you can test the performance of the newest indev version.

    What is new?

    ? Added second slot in UI (Slots can be changed trough mouse wheel)

    ? Little mine and chop animation

    ? Added little particle if player is on ground and moving

    ? Grass is growing up again after block is destroyed

    ? Added Save/Load (Press F1 to see keybindings)

    ? Trees regrow now between ~150-550secs

    Here is the download link:


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