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    Controls are Arrow Keys and Space.

    It started as a promo video for a remix I did for a Nick Carter song, which never got finished (It was far quicker to actually make the game in construct that it was to simulate the game with animation in flash!)

    Something of how it will eventually look (intro and all) can be seen in the youtube video.

    Youtube video :

    Some shots of what it is so far. Layout/scale/size may change based on feedback.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Feedback appreciated, am wondering whether to speed the sideways movement of the ship up a little.

    Everything on screen including the stars is 8-direction movement and moves the opposite way to the ship to create the parallax.

  • somethings i didn't like it, when i click up,down arrow it do like bug or something ^^ , also when i keep shooting and move left,right the shoots move left, right i don't know its looks weird.. nice graphics ^^

  • Yeah, that's the webpage scrolling. It probably won't on fullscreen, it's 768 pixels high.

  • Nice work! it looks better than Flixel games!

  • As I look at it, it has this Megaman Zero(GBA) feel in it LOL! Good job!

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  • Thanks for checking, how was the resolution? Should I make it a bit shorter? I purposely designed it so it was scale independent - so I could make it 4:3, 2:6,4:4 etc and it'd still work, albeit be a lot tougher if the vertical dimensions are reduced!

    Anyone check the video out? It shows what it will eventually look like.

  • Updated with some home-made 8-bit sounds and a new ship.

    Also changed ratio and scale.

  • nice game, still lagging a little with my firefox, but i know it's not your game fault, my laptop is outdated now.

    good luck :)

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