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  • Kundi the Super Dog is on a mission to protect the people of his City from Robbers prowling on the rooftops at night.

    Help Kundi Jump from one roof to another by pressing on him and aiming at the other roof. Be careful though, some roofs are slippery, and some have Robbers on them who will push you off the roof. If you land right on top of the Robber's head, he will fall off the roof, but beware, he won't stand still.

    Collect Doggy treats on your way, and spend them on recovering the points you lost when Kundi fell off a roof. If you run out of Doggy treats, too bad, you will have to start all over again. But don't worry, you can buy Doggy treats in the game.

    So Jump in and help Kundi save his city!

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