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  • Hi, everyone.

    Unfortunately, I don't have time to finish my game because of studying in university and working. So, I decided to give my developments to someone. This idea has a potential.

    <img src="http://cs314520.vk.me/v314520863/38ae/o1nnNj1b2yw.jpg" border="0" />

    It's a hockey with magic. Something like Ike Ike Nekketsu Hockey bu, but teams have 6 spells, that they could switch between periods.

    Spell list:

    1. Big gates

    2. Blind

    (the screen is black for 5 seconds, but another spell should have "Light" effect)

    3. Desorientation

    Left->Right, Up->Down

    4. Doppelganger

    Creates dopelganger above or below the player

    5. Fireball

    Makes "Stun"

    6. Wall of Fire

    7. Magnet

    (for puck. Could be changed to Puck teleportation)

    8 Silence

    Opposite team can't cast spells for N seconds

    9 Slow-mo

    The player turns into Max Payne and shaves himself bald

    11 Telekinesis

    Allows to hit the puck if enemy goalkeeper hasn't it.

    12 Animated gates

    Gates becomes a player. LoL

    13 Giant puck

    14 Puck illusion

    5 pucks appear on the field. 4 of them are fake. If a player had the puck, it change its coordinates anyway

    15 Teleportation

    Technical issues:

    1. Network game (((((((((((((((((((((((((

    2. Shift and ctrl (left and right are the same, so if you want to play on a single keyboard with your friend...)

    I havn't started to work on animation, sound, music, and special effects. I can try to help with something, but as I sad before, I have very little free-time.


    1. This game needs close combat. It also allows to create some additional spells

    2. Ike Ike has a lot of great solutions (e.g. movement alongside)

    3. youtube.com/watch ... EeheE#t=68 music :)

    4. Idea for a mutator or a spell: The puck hates when players hit it, so after 5-10 hit it becomes insane and poisonous for a while.


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