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  • As a new developer i tested the limited demoversion of Construct2.

    The result is a small game called "Wizards" and its of course free to play.



    ? 2013 MB WizGames - GPL2.0 - Contact mbdiscover2012kwh@gmail.com                        

    Music : Noisebringer - Venture       

    Sounds : http://www.freesfx.co.uk, newgrounds.com     

    Artwork: MB WizGames + opengameart.org

    Created in 2.5 Days with Demo of Construct 2


    Left Mouse - Click or Hold Pressed to Move, Alternative: Use Arrows Keys

    Right Mouse - Click to Shoot

    Space       - Use Time Freeze

    Collect 3 Red Flowers in Sequence and your next Shot is a wondershot giving Big Flowers.

    Its my first project with Construct2.


    Currently limited to the 100 events of the demoversion.

    Otherise I have ideas for two endbosses and some nasty traps.

    Be challengened in 3 Game Difficulties. Try to raise your score.

    Let me know what you think.

  • link doesnt work... please don't be another spammer, gettin real tired of your s#!t.. account 40 minutes old...sigh

  • Please try again. There was a minor typo in the link. Now it leads to correct destination! Anyway a harsh response for a new developer.

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  • hyena - please don't assume anyone is a spammer if their link does not work - you just accused someone of spamming who isn't! We want the forums to be a welcoming place!

    If you see spam, don't reply to it, please notify a moderator via pm or report the post instead. Spammers aren't going to be bothered to read responses to their spam anyways.

  • Amen!

  • in that case welcome to the forums!

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