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  • today,i released the new version of my old game(sticked name mario v1.0)

    the new name is wizard life!

       the story is simple playing in the wizard life - lol - , anyway this game made with only 99 events , it has these : restart button, home button, levels page, 4 levels , thanks page, credit page, start page, how to play.

       before playing i would like you to see how to play page and see because i have played the game and i have finished it , it is like 5mins game or less so good luck here is the start page!

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/hsvzsx.jpg" border="0" />

       last thing remember i can make more levels with no new events but just tricks and more harder level but i think im going to solve this game when i buy the standerd construct2.

    by the way i have an idea for new game and i wish ill finish it soon but i think it will take a while because i have exams soon :'(

    the game already uploaded need to wait mod to approve it.

    also if you can't see the buttons tell me so ill make it fullscreen off!

    thanks for playing^^

  • the game has been released in the arcade now ^^


  • Cool game Zsangerous.

    Nice artwork.

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  • GenkiGenga

    cough-vote-cough , by the way new update released today hope i fixed all bugs, hard things. also remember this game only took 10days to do it (sprites,gameplay,everything).

    to everyone:

    if you want me to put sounds give me some of them , (but i don't want musics just sounds.) and ill put them in game.

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