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  • Hi guys! I present you my new game. I worked on this project 6 month, without any help. All graphics made by myself.

    Witch Hunter

    This is new shooter/defender game. You are a witch hunter, whos mission is to destroy demonic creatures in the world and safe humanity from death. Kill your enemies, buy new weapons, collect items! Perfect craft system and many other features are awaits you in this demonic world!


    -11 types of weapons

    -18 types of enemies

    -4 Big Bosses and 1 Final Boss

    -Perfect craft system

    -12 items to collect

    -10 items to craft

    -11 Hero upgrades

    -100 levels with many waves on enemies

    -Achievements system

    -Enemies encyclopedia

    -Statistic system

    Sound is not ready yet.


    Play here: http://www.indiegme.com/html5/Witch%20Hunter/index.html

    Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/iDEYzPON_iE

  • Great job! Lots of effort there.

    Grafics are pretty decent, especially for a one man project. 6 months, amazing!

    And it's quite ambitious, crafting, tutorials, creature codex and all. Monetisation even, dude!

    Some opinions:

    Tutorial: less text please, reading slows down. (check for typos, too)

    Icons: not always super clear; e.g. item stat icon in shop, not sure I really understand all of them.

    Balance: Fells quite steep, from M6 on I had a pretty hard time

    Mission background: Bit bland and unappealing. Bringing that to the punchiness of the other graphics would have great impact on perceived quality, considering how dominant that part is.

    Runs a bit slow in firefox on full screen btw. Perhaps a fixed resultion/window mode helps performance? Graphics might come out crisper that way, too

  • Very good comments, thank you!

    I agree than level bg is not good. I will try to improve some elements in my game. Thanks!

  • This is pretty sweet. As a trainee in this program, I can't help but feel intrigued by how you might have done the mechanics. I can understand how your game could take months to make, seeing how in-depth it is. Keep it up, man!

  • Thank you man. I worked in construct 2 1 year total. Before Witch Hunter i made 2 other games, but they are was a pretty easy. Now problem to show this game to sponsors. All my mails was ignored))

  • This game looks so awesome and well polish! And you made it all by yourself. Thank you, you have encouraged me to put more effort on the game I'm developing.

  • Thank you! It's good if i motivate you)

  • Really nicely done, I can see it being an excellent mobile game.

  • Nice game Byriman! : -)

  • I like it, it plays well.. it reminds me of the old game "Tapper"

    You have the mechanics now it just seems all you need to do is perfect the level design.

    When you die it seemed a little rushed, would like to see that animation a little smoother and at a slower pace..When I finally died it all happened so fast I was surprised.."oh I'm dead?". I think you need more warnings you are low on health etc... Also the act of taking damage happens and I can't sense what is happening.. maybe a screen shake for each hit, or screen flash? subtle stuff just to tell me I'm taking damage. And I seemed to die pretty quick when I did take damage...maybe add more health?

  • Oh thank you man. It's really good advice. I will think what can i make with this) Thank you very much for all of you)

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  • Excellent game. Nice graphics, sounds fx and gameplay.

    The only thing I would change is that fact that to collect the items after killing a monster, the player should just roll over instead of clicking on it.

    I wasted some time doing it which made the monster get closer to the base.

  • Nice! game looks cool. great job doing this solo

  • I liked it

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