[WIP]Simple Platform Puzzler

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  • Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to Construct and GameDev in general, but his is my first try :)


    So far there are only 5 levels, I stopped because a weird bug with the platform/solid behavior ~_~

    I have tested it only on Windows/Chrome, I'm not sure how it would look like in other platforms.

    Please give me some feedback :D

  • I say pretty simple game you obviously need more detail to the game or otherwise you won't get much feedback from here anyway, it's just a regular jumping game. Well I only got to see up "This is called Perfect Jumping" but I can't actually make it, tried it about 20 times and just couldn't make it onto the first jump. Whatever shooting does, well I didn't get to use it, your shooting way to fast, so you might want to have it set every so many seconds.

  • I tried it in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. The character is just black in Internet Explorer and Safari. I couldn't see his eyes, for example.

    I like the character (in Chrome) and the subtle environment.

    I don't have much patience, so for me the game got hard too fast. I got through the perfect jump level after many tries, but gave up in the next level when I kept impaling my head on the ceiling.

    You might want to make the levels easier at the start, but keep the player's interest with enemies, pickups or interesting things to explore.

    I hope that is helpful.

  • Thanks :)


    Well, to tell you the truth I'm pretty new to Construct I will try to make more levels and shooting ... well that was me learning how to do it :P


    I had the same result when I tried the game on Ubuntu, why is that? maybe a construct problem? On Windows the sprites are just fine.

    Well, this is my first try to design a game, I know more coding than design so your advice is really helpful for me :)

    Thanks guys !

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  • I like it. Would you consider sharing your capx?

  • That was pretty cool.

    I must have died 30 or 40 times on that jump stage lol.

    How do you pass the spikes stage?

  • deebee

    yeah sure :) I'll do it when I solve some weird problem with blocks colliding.


    Thanks ! Well, you have to jump carefully, I made the jump button "sensitive", this is, if you press it longer you will jump higher.

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