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  • Greetings fellow Constructors! I'd like to present my first major project using Construct 2...

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12497824/zom.PNG" border="0">

    Click here to play the latest version.


    A/D - Left/Right

    W - Jump

    Space - Shoot

    Latest version includes:

    • Health/Ammo system
    • Mediocre AI
    • iPad/Touch Controls
    • Pickups
    • Webfonts(Yay!)

    For the most part I have the game well planned out, once I finish up on a few more basic things I'll finish the level graphics and then go crazy making various levels and scenarios.

    My weakest point would have to be the AI, and now that we have families it's even easier. I'd love to have different zombie types but creating AI makes my brain hurt, help with that would be appreciated.

  • I like the project so far! looks great!

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  • Hey there Radichio,

    Nice start, I like the way the instructions are featured on the walls. Good thinking.

    I would tone down the shake effect when you fire the gun though, if not remove it.

    Looking forward to playing a bigger stage.

  • Latest update:

    1. Project now has an actual name

    2. Many place holder sprites replaced

    3. Title screen(WIP)

    4. Thoroughly tested and working with an iPad 2

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12497824/zom2.png" border="0" />

  • A few little things:

    1. make the text z-ordered behind the player.

    2. perhaps making the text slightly transparent would be effective?

    3. the blue platforms are a bit out-of-atmosphere.

    Otherwise, it shows much potential!

  • 1. Due to the way WebGL works in Construct 2, text is drawn on top of everything else.

    2. The text is supposed to represent blood, this may not help. Might reposition to prevent the player from appearing on top.

    3. This is a prerelease, many graphical objects are far from complete.

    I appreciate the input, more good things to come!

  • Version 0.9.5 has been released!

    Includes a handful of sounds and minor bug fixes related to animations.

    The next version should have more levels and a global life system.

  • Minor update, new particle based death for zombies, character movement bug fix, added new mob spawner for zombie creation.

    Zombies pop out of the spawner based on the number of them in the current layout.

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