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  • Latest Build - Opacus Rising 24/1/13

    Hello! Decided to make a thread about my latest project instead of just placing it in the "C2 Tests" thread, as I will be posting quite a bit.

    My new project is called Opacus Rising (working title). The game it self is going to be a casual fantasy platform adventure. Similular to the likes of Limbo/Zelda. I am aiming for nice simple mechanics, but well executed and polished. There will be a environment based puzzles and combat.

    The game is being designed for IOS, so you can test on your tablets, it works on phones, but it was not really designed for that.

    Not to far in to development as of yet, but at a stage I feel I can show it.

    Remember that it is very WIP and all the art is only place holder and I will get round to changing it.

    PC Controls -

    Movement - WASD, Arrows, Mouse touch the sides of the screen

    Double touch to jump

    Touch Controls -

    Touch the sides of the screen to move

    Double touch to jump

    This game is for a university project, I have till may to complete it so any feedback and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Opacus Rising

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  • Character

    You play as a young man named Rhed, (pronounced Red). Rhed is an orphan and lives in a small wood cutting community deep in the Euchlorus Forest.

    <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-24ZhKBqEvN4/UJKN-MUVGWI/AAAAAAAAADs/JDatNtz2GqU/s1600/Character.png" border="0" />


    However, good prevailed and light was once again shed upon the land. Piceus was defeated and he retreated back to The Mountain Atrum.

  • The Village Elder

    Sapientia is know around the village as The Elder. She is the eldest in the village and is considered very wise. The villagers hold her with very high regard and trust her advice and warnings.

    <img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bcyoYqML7Js/UQBNVv0lHNI/AAAAAAAAAFs/cZDCh4XWWHg/s1600/village_elder.png" border="0" />

    You will encounter Sapientia at the beginning of the game when she asks you to do her a favour and fetch some ingredients from the forest so she can finish the medicines she is preparing to help heal the farmers goat.

  • https://www.scirra.com/forum/your-creations_forum46.html

    Haha, wups. Thought that is where I was. If a mod could kindly move?

  • The game has a nice visual look to it :)

    Are you using Spriter for the body animations?

  • I animated the body in Flash 8 and exported each frame out as PNG. I have heard good things about Spriter, but I didn't fancy learning a new program when I had deadlines to do. Will defiantly look in to it once I finish this project.

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