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  • <img src="http://i.minus.com/ibhNHF0fiLPlqh.png" border="0" />

    Global Tanks 2D is a 2D based Tank Game. For now I was able only to make tutorial level and see if I should carry on making more levels, and probably later releasing to arcade.

    In the tutorial you will get to experience the driving, shooting, sounds. This is a quite short tutorial and it does not show the final results of how the game will look. It will definitely have much more to it. It will contain Campaign and survival mode where waves old fashioned mode of tanks will be implemented.

    I would like some comments on the game and suggestions. I believe there is few bugs but you guys might be able to spot some more.

    Click On Campaign to start.

    Survival mode not available at the moment.

    All Control comments are displayed at the top once in game.

    Thank You

    Feedback appreciated


  • Hi there, nice start. :)

    Its the first game ive tried with the car movement, its a pretty fun mechanic. Being able to turn on the spot would be nice.

    Those machine gun noises are a bit ear peircing at the moment. I Like the after effects of the tank. Nicely done.

    Id like to see you use more creative stage layouts, but i definately think that you should carry on with this.

    (I know its just a begginer stage you would probably do that anyway, i just feel compelled to give you my honest opinion).

  • Thanks for comment,

    I will definitely try to achieve the best possible environment for it, this is a tutorial so I will try release level 1 which should be more detailed hopefully. Turning in the spot will go on my list as well as I believe tanks can do that so I will be looking into adding that.

    I guess my sound was low down then when I was making it as I didn't fully half the sound level.

    Yeah I'm very happy with construct that was able to let me do what I wanted. Especially I like the shaking of the screen after shooting. The smoke and the tracks I think add in the realism.

    A thing will definitely improve is mines as I think they don't look that well and more AI, which will be coming up in levels ahead.

  • Great no more replies, I guess it's not that good.

    But I'm carrying on as I think it is definitely a good project.

    If someone doesn't mind telling me why maybe it's not that good, I'm here to improve. I haven't seen another good tank game apart from that new tank game in arcade.


    Tutorial Redesign

    • Handling Increased,
    • Machine Gun Ammo Boxes
    • Cannon Ammo Boxes,
    • Rotate the tank when not moving,
    • Water Slow Down.
  • I remember taking a little look at this project a little while ago.

    It's not that it's not good, it's just nothing special, there are lots of games like this. But with yours i cannot see something that seperate a it from the others. The name doesn't stand out. If you want people to look at it name it something comical that will grab the attention like 'domination kitties' or something stupid lie that <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    From what I remember as well the game was a little slow...

    I'll have a look at it again tomorrow, I'm I my iPhone right now so I can't look at it. But don't be disheartened its your first game. I suggest reading the thread about the do's and dont's in game design. Look did the thread In the general Gand design forum or just google it.

    Also please do nog take my feedback to offense. You asked why. I'm just giving my opinion, that's all if us, my opinion.

    Anyways good luck!!! Hope your entering the competition?

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  • Thank you for comment.

    Well it's not exactly meant to be fun. It's meant feel realistic, but I guess it's not worth to continue as it's not exactly special.

    I will make 1 or 2 levels and release it in arcade.

  • In the game design do's and dont's it says games are a made up worled no one cares if it's realistic

    Obviously there has to be some sense of realism.

    Don't give up on a game especially if you have spent this mich time on it.

    You could easily improve your game with a few simple things.

    You could add a minimal, multiplayer(not online) generally speed things up more, if your using the car behaviour for the tank I suggest making it fast and able to drift but keep the turn speed slow...

    If you need help with any if these things let me know, I'll be happy to help.

    Tomorrow I'm writing a tutorial on how to make a shop and handle equipping upgrades and then saving the upgrade using web storage this might be something you may be interested in...

  • Thanks for the comment.

    It is going to have survival mode on it, which you have to defend the base but it might be a while until that's released.

    It is the start of the game I guess I wasn't meant to be expecting much comments on it.

    There was a tank game in arcade released, I mean it's a simple game and there is nothing unique about it, apart from its just futuristic, I played many of those and It was featured in arcade.

    But I will probably leave this project for a while and try create a game for competition.

  • Hi

    Starting working on this game. I need feedback on gameplay in general.

    I do not want feedback on sound or graphics, mainly on gameplay, feel of it, weapons, balance in general. It would be appreciated before i create more levels and uploaded it arcade.

    Here is the 2 levels. No ending after Level 1 completed.


    Probably plenty of bugs.

  • Great game, I hope that you make more levels, the game was pretty short and I didn�t really get the feeling. If you would like quickly great new levels, then here is a tutorial I wrote last month:https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/585/how-to-make-an-ingame-costume-made-level-editor

    The tank movement is good and easily controllable. You could adjust the sounds a bit, they are too loud. Perhaps you could the game more like a RTS battle, based on the new RTS example, your game would be the first RTS game with C2. This could make the game more outstanding, cause there are very many similiar games to compete with.

    I hope that you got some good ideas for your game.

  • There is Tutorial and Level 1, should of gave you a feel of it but anyway thanks for the comment. Thanks for tutorial, It would be great to have a map maker, might consider it but it's not that big of hassle to use construct system. I might make it, to see if things become easier.

    I guess my sound system is low, I guess I will notch down the levels of sounds.

    I'm curious about the RTS example and might consider making an RTS myself but my main focus was a tank game with strategic aspects behind it. I think my game would be compatible with tablet devices, so I might keep my genre. But thanks for advice.

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