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  • Been working on a game for the last couple of days and though I'd share what I'd done so far =)

    Basically, it's a puzzle game in which you buy different blocks and then place them on the level in order to get the character to the goal. Similar to Mario vs Donkey Kong (if anyone's played that!), but fairly different too.

    There's going to be several different stages, with around 15 levels in each - adding new blocks and obstacles throughout, so it will probably take a while to finish!


    <img src="http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u305/Haematite_II/Fred/Pic2.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u305/Haematite_II/Fred/Pic1.png" border="0">

    You can also play the game so far here:


    (The M Key toggles the music On/Off)

    There's minimal help so far, but it should be fairly self explanatory - basically just select your block from the toolbar at the bottom using the mouse, then click anywhere on the grid to place it. Once you're ready press the Play button at the top to go!

    Don't ask me why the blob is called Fred, I'll come up for a proper name for the game eventually!

    Any feedback's greatly appreciated as I'm hoping to have a free and paid version of this (with more stages) if it's good enough =)

  • how to play it?? i sticked in the first level^^

  • nice game i knew now how to play but need a tutriol before playing ^^ thanks for the good game.

  • zsangerous thanks for trying it, glad you enjoyed it =) And yeah, it's nowhere near complete, there will definitely be a tutorial in the future!

  • just to be in do-to list , i don't know why when i put a block and wanna put a block near it sometimes it moves alittle o.o ... i dont know why.

    also make the opposite arrow doesn't work for example the player moves to right make left arrow doesn't work because it make him stops why??? is it like this or in the high level we need it or something like this... tell me thanks ^^

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  • zsangerous The blocks automatically move as they're on a grid and can only be in certain positions, so it moves into place. This is so that blocks don't overlap and so that the character moves correctly. Unless you meant something else?

    Regarding the arrow keys, they were supposed to be completely disabled as he moves automatically, I just forgot about it. Arrow keys should be disabled now, thanks =)

  • Very challenging game. WOW. I loved the concept and the music. It's true that sometimes I didn't have any idea how to complete the level. Nevertheless, I think I beat the demo ;). I reached the "last" level - which is not the real last level since you're still working on it ;) -

    Screen shot:

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22785599/OthersProjects/Fred/FredLastLevel.png" border="0" />

    I liked the game. I only have one suggestion and I think you have already thought of it.

    Since we create new block with left click, I think it will be good if we were able to cancel the creation of the most recent block created, with the right click instead of restarting the level.

    The problem with this solution is: it won't work on mobile devices :/.

    Anyway, keep working on this man. I'll stay tuned!

  • anthonykojima Thanks, glad you liked it, I'll admit the difficulty curve is probably a bit steep, it's interesting to see how different people solve the problems though =)

    Regarding being able to destroy blocks, if you drag them into the control bar at the top then they will be destroyed, I've made that fact more obvious now!

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