[WIP] Equilibrium - 2013/03/23

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AI for enemies in style of a well known blue robot guy.
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    • Without much ado, this is a work in progress;

    Alpha Stage:

    Click Here


    R001 - 2012/09/01 - Alpha Stage launched officially on Scirra;

    R002 - 2012/09/02 - Two new Tutorial level added;

    R003 - 2012/09/03 - The final art of the Earth was done;

    R004 - 2012/09/04 - The final art of the destroied earth was done.

    R005 - 2012/09/06 - Small changes on game-play and a new tutorial section.

    R006 - 2013/03/23 - Updated the code to be compatible with the C2 changes. Implemented the fight system poses, Right click or double touch the screen and discover how to use them while I'm doing the Tutorial for this step ^^

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  • Great Pixel Art! I loved the style.

    Also, the "O FORTUNA" in 16 bits sound style is awesome!

    Continue the good work!

  • ^__^ good stuff.

  • I really like it, the "o fortuna" in 16bit is awesome for sure!

    � bom ver trabalhos de t�o alta qualidade feitos por conterr�neos por aqui

  • The game is not dead, I still working on it.

    My will born on September, so, I have to hurry and finish it asap ^^

    Today I did a huge work on the code to update it with the C2, since it changed a lot after September of 2012.

    The game play appear to be flawless, and is compatible with Touch, Mouse and Keyboard.

    My next goal is increase the tutorial with the fight system, them, the dialog system, them, the control system will earn a custom feature, where the player will can select any key to change the standard keyboard, and will have the opportunity to change the mouse buttons too, flipping the logic of its buttons.

    After it, I'll start to draw the first episode, where you'll play inside a cave and will learn more about the game ambiance, it's critters, NPCs and the plot.

  • Equilibrium first episode is near of its completation =]

  • I find your proyect well polished.

    But the controls are a bit anoying.

    For example, In the part where you have to make a click on the box to lift it, it gets a little annoying.

    And i dont really know if there its an alternative control sistem.

    How ever, i still like your game.

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