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    This is my working project for the 2013 7 Day Roguelike competition. Decided to use C2 to develop it.

    If the game works out ok, I'm planning on making a few tweeks (adding on screen movement keys and touch support) and releasing it later in the year for mobile devices as well.

    I don't know if I'll make it by the deadline, but it's fun to try, no?

  • Hurrah for painful death! I very much enjoy rouge likes, and have discovered many new swear words whilst playing them.   Best of luck with the competition.

  • Have around 20 hours left on the challenge, and I'm at about 33% done for the project...however a lot of the heavy lifting/difficult to code stuff is done, so the rest is just grunt work to get everything in and working. As of this post, am on v0.14 and it's ALMOST a playable game.

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  • With about 10 hours left I realized I could finish the project if I took short cuts and dropped several items I was planning, however I refuse to do that...

    So I'm declaring that I have failed the official 7DRL challenge.

    However, I'm going to spend some more time on this and actually finish the game. The point is...it was fun to try, and I've come up with some good techniques for future games so it was worth the effort.

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