[WIP] BTR-50 The Game [Update 10.4.2012]

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  • I'm creating a Tank (or APC) game.

    This is my first attempt to make a game, been interesting. So far I have just done the basics .

    I would like to know what you think and I also have some questions.

    How to zoom out? (figured out)

    How to improve the physics? (rotates too slowly)

    How does the game show on your screen?

    How is the performance on your computer?

    How you think I should improve the game?

    And any kind of comment is appreciated.

    Link to the game


    Arrows to move

    Mouse to shoot

    A to smoke

    S is boost

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69516086/nimet%C3%B6n.jpg" border="0">


    UPDATE 2.4.2012

    -Added WASD controls

    -Zoomed out

    -Added boost

    -Added tilt and touch controls (dunno if working)

    Update 10.4.2012

    -Added menu

    -Added money system

    -Added upgrade system

    -Added some trees

  • Hi Blue Hare,

    Your first attempt looks promising. I'm very interest in what you will add soon. I don't have anything special to say. I will wait when you will add new stuff like enemies, backgrounds... Did you make the graphics yourself ? it looks really cool.

    • The game looks good on my screen. I have a 17" screen.
    • The game also runs really good. It's not lagging or slow.

    I will suggest to add maybe the WASD controls because players feel more comfortable with these controls plus the mouse. I also find that at the beginning of the game, if I go left, I will die but I know you're still working on it so, it was just a reminder. We sometimes, forget this kind of bugs ;).

    Be sure I will stay tuned to see your progress. Keep up. By the way, please, feel free to try also my game "This is Cute!" and leave me some comments. I will appreciate :). You can play it through my signature.

    Hope my comments help!

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  • Yeah, this is still at early stages. Enemies are the next thing I'm going to add, got to figure out how to build some kind of AI system tho.

    Yep, I try to make all graphics myself, at the moment tho explosion and bullet are not my creation.

    WASD controls! good I totally forgot that, thanks. Actually tank will now slide and fall if you don't move it, gonna fix that tho.

    Sure, I will check out your game and add some comment. it's not the kind of game I would usually play tho, maybe just too cute for me. :)

  • Hey Blue,

    I like where you are going with this. The tank looks cool close in - so zoomed out a bit will make it look even better.

    How to zoom out?

    Look up the mod Kyatrics signature - it has a wealth of information and is pretty much my first stop when i get stuck.

    How to improve the physics? (rotates too slowly)

    do you mean when the tank comes over a hill? I actually thought it looked pretty good.

    How does the game show on your screen? On my screen

    Same for me.

    How is the performance on your computer?

    Great! :)

    How you think I should improve the game?

    Zoomed out a lot more for a start, thats about all i can comment on at this point. Looking forward to you adding more though!

  • Yep, it's now zoomed out and wasd controls added.

    I'm not sure if I did something to the physics, at least it looks better than I remembered.

  • How is the game going?

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