[WIP] ZOMGy. (TDS+Zombies+Hardcore+RPGish+Survival

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  • Heyya!=) Decided to share my game WIP:)

    Story starts loong time ago... First, i was born..:P Too far? Ok then;)

    Well, me and good friend of mine were searching every meter or THE GREAT AND ONLY internet for a decent Zombie Survival game. We've tried tons of them.. Well, there were some good ones, but nothing about TRUE Survival.

    More like Zombie-Shooter.. Nothing hardcore:P

    And so, i decided to "go build my own theme park, with blackjack and hoo**rs." :D

    //I'm gonna write a full description of what is this game about, and current dev progress a bit later, sorry) But, well, here's a nearly-non-playable demo, so check it out, and 2morrow I'll update both game and WIP!) Edited - 24 Dec 2012 at 7:44am

    //Hehe, seems I'm on my way to success, acting just like it's done in BigGameIndustry..Exceeding the release date:P Well, I'm back to working on the project, so, I believe new release's gonna happen soon enough:D

    Here's the latest version!:)

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