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  • I noticed an isometric level editor someone posted and I thought I would show a WIP level editor I had made. Much of the following is from a PM I had sent to NotionGames.

    It's a 2D tile engine of sorts. I was going to use it help me load levels for a shmup game, but I started playing Super Metroid and it turned into this! :P

    I will point out that it's a bit of a confusing mess in its current state :P

    ===Character Controls===

    Arrow Keys = Move/Jump

    Hold Shift = Fire Bullets

    Hold Control = Walk/Backpedal

    7 = Disable Character's Movement, Collisions, and Gun

    ===Tile Editor Commands===

    Left Click = Place Objects

    Right Click = Delete Objects

    Mouse Wheel = Cycle through objects to place

    Middle Click = Disable Mouse Commands (So you press buttons on the non-functional menu :P)

    H = Hide Menu (The menu doesn't do anything at the moment)

    ===Load a Premade Room===

    Press J, K, L.

    J = Loads external file containing map data

    K = Creates objects based on loaded data

    L = Converts objects into tiles (IMPORTANT: In order to use the editor, make sure you press "L"!)

    ===Changing to Different Layouts===

    Not quite sure how I organized this :P

    There are three layouts in this:

    -A black "Ready-Made Room"

    -A blue "Editor Room"

    -A black "Empty Room" (I suggest using this room to load the level in)

    Press Numpad 0 to switch between the "Ready-Made Room" and the "Editor Room"

    Press NumPad 1 to go the "Empty Room".

    I think that's about everything!

    Let me know what you think! :D

    Here's a link to the editor: WIP Level Edit

    Make sure you press L when it loads!

    (I'm probably not going to finish it, but I wanted to share it with the community! :D)

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