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  • heres my game it doesn't work on the arcade so I have a link to it on dropbox please check it out and rate it please

  • Wheres the working link then :)

    edit: ah, nevermind found it on the game page

  • Ohw very nice game !!!!   I like the theme and play method :D

    I played two levels.

    I found that the window was a bit small, cant your run this in a 800x600 or even 1024x768 ?


    Great music tunes, though I though the volume of the machine gun was rather loud compared to the rest of the audio.

    Also, the effectiveness of the machine gun nearly rules out the need for them missles.

    I bought missles after level 1, great that a shop is available before hand, but I couldnt buy anything when i started :(   theres a shop, gimme some cash to buy anything ... something .. pls lol

    when using the mouse, clicking once fires two missles

    Perhaps make click right switch weapons for mouse users ? seeing as the plane follows the movement of the mouse :)

    At some point near end of level two, I was pondering when enemies would come, perhaps some indicator of enemies left.

    Great work :D

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  • thats cause you didn't upgrade the missiles and if you do the tut you get 500 coins

    and the full version is alot better and has 19 levels full screen

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