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  • Hi, here's my first go at building a C2 memory match template. I decided that I wanted to create many different versions to see which topics get the most popular so that I would spend more time developing the popular ones. So, which theme do you like the most?

    Please try them all and let me know what you think. Or, maybe just 1-3 of the most interesting ones to you.

    Results so far:

    • Wildlife theme has the highest amount of downloads.
    • Colors theme has second highest amount of downloads.
    • Color names theme has second lowest amount of downloads.
    • Roman numerals theme has the lowest amount of downloads. (Sidenote: These cards took the longest to create also, so good thing I didn't make more)
    • My favorite, "Memory Match 3", is getting close to 100 downloads

    This information could be good for any of your app that you may want to theme. Seems like people prefer the basics of wildlife and colors, rather than things that require more thinking like color names and roman numerals.. And, I have about 10 different versions that I need to organize.

  • I can't help but to ask you . Did you have any problems with touch while previewing ? Because I exported two of my games to windows 8 and made a preview with visual studio 2013 . Both of my games touch buttons didn't respond . although keyboard worked well with me .

  • , Hmmm, no, not that I can recall. So, preview in the browser worked fine?

    One of the issues that pops in mind is that this could happen depending on which plugin you used in the project? Did you use the Touch object or Mouse object?

    For most of my projects, including these Memory Match games, I just used the Touch object, and had the "detect mouse clicks" option also checked in the the Touch object properties. Maybe that'll help?

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  • The game I tested used touch object

  • , for Windows 8 preview, by default, the emulator takes input as mouse clicks. On the right side of the emulator, you'll find an option to change your mouse clicks to be detected as touches. The icon is in the shape of a pointing hand. After changing this option, you'll be able to properly input touches while previewing.

  • Thanks for your support , I updated my version of construct 2 and the problem was solved .

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