Windows 8 Beta Testers Needed!

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  • I have some games that I made on Construct 2, that are currently only available on Windows 8. You may try one of the games HERE (Does not require Windows 8).

    Please test some of my apps from HERE

  • Well hopefully you don't receive letters from Nintendo's or Notch's lawyers too terribly soon... I really wouldn't put something on the marketplace with another companies trademarked and copyrighted characters... tends to lead to a short and painful career... just sayin...

  • A lot of them seem generic and similar to the example files in construct 2.

    Why not work on just 1 title at a time and try to add your own twist to it?

  • BluePhaze

    Nah no worries about licensing issues unless the app/game being created becomes a really successful spin off using a Nintendo character. Companies don't normally aim towards small developers like us in Scirra

  • retrodude


    I did get two of my Minecraft apps taken down due to possible copyright infringement. I made these or a contest thing where I got $100 per app (up to 10). I really aimed for quantity than quality. Right now, I just got a graphic artist (my friend) and we are going to make quality app that will we will take our time to make. I am expecting it to be the best I've made so far. I actually did this contest so that I can afford to buy a personal license for Scirra. I've been needing some extra features (over 100 events) to make a good app.

    Thank you for the feedback!

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  • Aeip Hopefully they don't realize you made money off of apps that feature trademarked and copyrighted characters. While I understand that they were quickly put together, it would be very easy to make your own generic characters instead.

  • retrodude I wouldn't say no worries. I worked at Microsoft for 6 years and saw plenty of cases where they cracked down on developers for infringing on the property (trademark and copyright) of other developers. Especially when it is in the same category, a game with a character from a well known game that has brought MS and the developer a lot of money like Minecraft. Note that they already took two of his apps down due to this...

    And especially when you make money off of selling a game with another companies characters. He made $100 for each game he submitted...

    Just saying, it isn't so hard to make your own generic characters. It is however very hard to defend yourself if you use someone elses. And if you don't belong to a corporation you have no business protection, they can sue you directly for your personal assets.

  • BluePhaze Aeip

    Oh I didn't realize it was such a big deal for small time apps/game, thanks for pointing that out.

    And what contest was this? I was off the scirra forums for almost a month, could someone update me on the 100$ per app thing?

  • retrodude

    It ended on June 30th.

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