Win 8 Phone Games - anyone made one?

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  • Hi All,

    Just curious if anyone has made a Win8 Phone Game yet, and what your experiences have been thus far?

    I'm pretty keen to make one, although I probably need to get a Win8 phone first, and do some research on screen sizes, hardware specs, etc...

  • I'm working on a plugin at the moment so that we can pass certification. There's a number of certification requirements that aren't covered by a simple export.

    The main issue I've found is that you can only play one sound at once, including music. That's a limitation of IE10 mobile, which my plugin should hopefully overcome. There's also no accelerometer.

    I've found performance to be fantastic. There's some weird issues to do with loading local images slowing down the game, but I'm working with Microsoft to try and iron those out. When using remote images or changing the outputted images to Base64 I'm getting 45fps for Mortar Melon, with no optimisation from the desktop version.

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  • thehen: Ah ok, so the exporter is still not quite there yet as is.

    Great work - looking forward to the plugin!

  • thehen Im also looking forward this plugin



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