The Wild West (wip)

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  • Well... good and bad news. Let�s start with the bad one:

    • I�m resdesigning lots of things (near everything) internally. I�m having lots of issues, lots of new bugs and some strange behaviours I dind�t expected before. And that�s why the delay of some new screens or some new info.

    The nice part, the good one:

    • I think the result is going to be more consinsents, more easy to continue developing in the future, and finally, I think I�ve the good "pain" effect (one of the main reasons of reordering and changing lots of internal things).

    In the other hand, I continue making some new animations and refining enemy behaviours.

    Oh, and I forgot about it: I�ve done the login system of the future private pre-alpha version :):

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • looks fun!

  • Good luck! It looks cool!

  • Well, time to a new little update in the first topic post :).

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  • Ey there.

    A new update has come, see it on the first page :).

  • Wow, looks good!

  • I really like you pixelart. i can't wait to try it !

  • Thanks Rory and

    I'm glad you like my pixel-art, and more knowing thats my first pixel-art-something attempt.

    The development is beeing slow, I know, but I think I'm getting somewhere and creating a quite complete game. Hope you like it when it gets released (or play it's future pre-alpha).

  • The art concept and idea are Great!....

  • Ey guys

    Allthough it may seem, this project is not dead, and the lack of news is due to holidays and some big changes I?m making on it.

    I?ve been thinking about the project during my holidays, and I?ve some new ideas that need hard work but they will make a much bigger (and replayable) game than what it is now, so, I only can ask for patience. And well, I?ve improved the main character design, so I?m redoing all the animations with more details and making them more natural (I think). It?s a hard work, but I?m liking the result.

    As I said yesterday on twitter: sometimes is better to walk rather than running.

    I?ll show something new "soon", I promise you.

    Thanks for being there.

  • Man not to keep reiterating but this game looks so awesome. Great Job SirLobito.

  • Man not to keep reiterating but this game looks so awesome. Great Job SirLobito.

    If all the reiterations would be like this one, I would be the hapiest man on the world (well, Igotta admit I'm not far now ;P).

    It's wonderful to receive feedback like this, you make me work harder and harder, thanks for such words :).

  • I don't had words. Looks so fun, and the graphics are awesome!

  • <font size="2"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">We (I and The Wild West) are still alive, yes.

    <font size="1">* The image is at 1:1 scale, click it to see at x2</font></font></font>

  • <font size="2"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">

    A small advance of the near future big update of The Wild West. Lots (really, lots) of things to show:

    <img src="" border="0">

    <font size="1">I know the frames are differentes sizes up and down, I "recorded" it in a rush, the game is perfectly simetric, haha.</font></font></font>

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