Why Space Route did not work?

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  • I have produced this game a year ago. It tooks almost 6 months to be ready. I really enjoyed to produce it and I would believe this game would be a success. I thought that everybody would enjoy Space Route. When I released the game in AppStore, in the same week the game was featured (indicated by the Apple team). But not, the game was a total failure because almost nobody installed it and the few that did it, did not give it a good review. A year later, I still believe the Space Route is a good game and I would like to understand what went wrong. Why the Space Route was not a success that I hoped for. I wonder if is possible to change or do something to invert the current situation of this game. Could you give it a try and help me with this questions later?

    Thanks in advance.

    Some screens:


    Game (Android):

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... spaceroute

  • So I download and try. I love space games...

    This is my experience.....

    There are too many instructions at the start.

    I want to skip this and learn to play myself.

    If the game is so complicated that it needs a tutorial then have in game tutorial during the first level.

    Then even after I read the tutorial and I have completed the first level.

    But I cannot do anything on the second level.

    Either I am being stupid or the game has broke and does not register my touch.

    I think maybe I have to farm something

    I choose level one again but now my touch does not work (or maybe I don't understand the control)

    The game looks very very interesting and well produced but is not user friendly.

    I become frustrated and loose interest

    So I close and move on ......

    This is the brutal world of video game.......

    I think if you sort this out you will get load of players and also a little marketing as always is needed.

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  • I think the controls are hard to understand and get used to. The icons aren't recognizable and the GUI isn't labeled well It's hard to know what everything is for when you're starting out, which is the most important time to keep players interested in the game. Also, there seem to be a lot of more expensive IAPs which tend to turn people off to a game.

    It looks like it could be a solid game if you get some of the basic user friendliness stuff down first. I think someone already recommended a playable tutorial which wouldn't be a bad first start, along with labeling the GUI icons/objects.

  • This is a pretty solid game I actually can only see one problem but its big one. Controls need to be user friendly and very obvious on what they do. If the user can not figure out what they do or if there is too many controls then they will just give up.

    The huge challenge with mobile games is to figure out what parts of the game the player controls and what parts will be automatic . Also understand that you build complexity over time if your going to make a deeper game with more options.

    To better show you I have made 6-7 mobile games. Try 2 or 3 of them out and you will notice how you can get into the game easily and understand what to do in the game. Whether its a simple game like DK lost levels or more complex like Planet Exis you can pretty much pick up and play the games I made.

    In closing you made an incredible game so your very close to nailing it and making it big. Make the games controls simpler for mobile gamers ( They are not like you and me) and you will go far.

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