Who's knocking the door?

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  • Hello Geo and Ugotsta and simwhi and

    Thank You for Your kind words, and suggestions. Finally we published our game into our Tales4fun.com site, and 2 days ago to the Chrome Webstore:

    Who's knocking the door? memory game

    and to the Scirra Arcade too:


    My experience:

    I our site there were only a little problem with server caching, what solved in Appache, but the fullscreen mode worked prefectly.

    In Chrome Webstore I've paied the 5USD initially fee, and got my app in online preview mode in minutes. It functioned good, but have a little problem in HighRes display: its little "pixelly". I hope that C2 will have some tools to make easy to provide normal and HD versions (by normal, and full/high resolution images at export). Additionally I've worked alot with the promo images to make for Chrome WS, but afer a day they refused the small and medium one cause of "it have too many details". I think it were cause i placed the title on the promo images (as shown in the official tutorial).

    We got 8 install here in 48 hours.

    The final experiance were with Scirra Arcade: the uploading (updating) process is easy and fast. Unfortunately I've met a bug after the accept of the game: the game were optimised for different screen sizes from 1.3 to 2.0 aspect ratio. This means that it works fine when run in fullscreen-scale mode in 1024x768px and in 800x480px too. But for some reason it do not works in SA.

    Found in the SA upload tutorial: "doesn't support fullscreen games yet", but can't find this restriction in the Upload game page.

    We have 14 plays in some hours, but got 2 star rating from 2 users... :(

    I've uploaded a smart bugfix, but dont know if this 2 stars will completly fire off the game in SA.

  • Don't mind the low rating on the arcade, it's understandable, it's not your audience. Kids don't play on Scirra arcade.

    Congrats on delivering the whole thing! And best of luck!

    BTW: neither of the links you posted (to Chrome web store and Scirra arcade) work for me.

  • Thanks Geo! You are right, I'll focus on special areas, but a preview mode could be great in SA in the future.

    Fixed links:

    Chrome: Who's knocking the door? memory game

    Scirra Arcade: Who's knocking the door? memory game

  • Well done. I will be sure to check it out very soon.

  • Yeah, this is really sweet...very nice illustrations. An alpine crocodile...hihihi...very good idea.

    But i see a bit potential to optimize the kind of presentation in the web.Don`t get me wrong, it works nicely and everything is easily understandable...which is really important for the (younger)users experience.But to me it`s a bit to clear, a bit to sterile.I think the weblayout could be more colourful,a bit more childish.For now it`s just a template, hundredthousand of other pages use too.

    Again, dont get me wrong: the illus and the game is just wonderful!!!!

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  • simwhi thanks, waiting for all people's feedback... :)

    dformer I see what you are talking about, and thank oyu for this feedback%

    The website have only 2 stories and one game as content now. We plan to make it colorful by it's content's thumbnail images - what are all clickable - instead of make a colorful template, that catches the attention of the visitors.

    By this decision we have a risk: the website will not be colorful enough till we do not have enough content.

    Altrought there is a chance that you will right, and we may modify the plan.

    I have some minor modifications on my list, like water waves before the menu, some smart usage of sidebar to x-advertise other contetns, etc.

  • Looking good Epox. As it stands now it does the job well.

    Couple of little things (if you were still intent on improving that is), perhaps you should change the title wording to "Whos knocking on the door" - instead of whos knocking the door.

    Also on the title I would present it as "Alpine crocodile in Whos knocking on the door".

    I would sit down and play this with my kids if I had them.

  • Thank you GenkiGenga!

    Of course we are open any little polishing in the game... we are in HTML5 and its wondeful, that we can make changes easily after the initial publish.

    1. We are non native english speakers, only one friend who's academic in english did the proofreading of the 1st story and the game's text. The original text used to use the "who's knocking on the door"... so I need to ask you if you are sure this is the correct?! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    3. I used to use the Alpine Crocodile prefix to push the "brand", but the title is very-very long this way, and the users can not see what it is at first look. Maybe I can change it to "Whos knocking on the door? - Alpine Crocodile".

  • In British English, we would say "Who's knocking at the door?" but "Who's knocking on the door?" is still grammatically correct.

    I think in the context of your game "Who's knocking at the door?" is correct.

  • Dear simwhi and GenkiGenga!

    Thanks for your kind feedback! I also got a PM feedback about it, so I've changed it to "on".

    I've also changed some words in the text inside the game...

  • No worries, keep up the good work mate

  • Dear simwhi and GenkiGenga!

    I felt maybe it can be usebale for other C2 fans to share my experiance about the publishment of a really simple game like this in Chrome Web Store, so I'll write some positive thing and challanges met in CWS...


    CWS have promo images with really different aspect ratios: Even if we made a good promo image according to the CWS's help, we need to crop and resize it wise. The CWS admins refused the small and medium ones - cause of too many details. I did not agreed with the refuse... so found a trick: used to upload the same image with different name, and 3rd time they accepted it... :)

    Playtomic: I used to implement this grat C2 plugin, and have great experience with it. In the first 3-4 days... :( Til than I feel that unfortunately the Playtimic served did not recorded all the Views and Plays in the statistic. I'm currently looking for an alternate solution for in-game statistic. Do you know one? :)

    CWS: I think that the Chrome WebStore is the easiest way to get a game published. The develiper onetime fee is low, and the uploading process is well documented. We have a feature to publish for testers, and there is no any special acceptation process for the app itself: you can upload and publish it in minutes, and it will be findable, indexed in the WebStore in 24 hours. I can not compare it really for any other publishment possibility, but have an own stat...


    The initial publish were in 13 of may, since than we have 627 installations. It's about 330 install/month what is much more than I espected. :)

  • Hey Epox, glad to hear about your progress and thanks for sharing the difficulties you've had.

    About the statistics side of it i have no idea! I hope you get it sorted out though.

    Got any plans for the next game?

  • Hey GenkiGenga, thanks for your reply...

    The Playtomic statistic is now works in limited mode. It records (most?) of views and plays but not any level details - what could be the most interesting and useful to finetune the games.

    Unfortunately I found a forum post in Playtomic, that told that they have financial problems, and the worst is that they do not have a scrtict plan for the future. :( I wanted to upgrade to paied plan, but that do not accept paypal... I do not like to give away my card data for a company what have financial problems... :(

    We just published our new app, what is an interactive book:


    Please give us feedback or rating in Chrome Web Store, that could help us alot! :)

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