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  • I was unsuccessful in a search to see if anyone else had attempted the same. If anybody is interested. Here's an example of a web-banner I'm working on for my site.

    I've put it on the front page of englishacorn.com

    But alternatively you can link to it directly:


    However, the hyperlinks will only work (Shouldn't ask for pop-up permissions) from the main site frontpage.

    Currently the hyperlinks link to forwarding addresses back to the main site, which was the work around for the web banner being in an iframe.

    Would love to hear your feedback.

  • Very nice, I haven't used a C2 project for a header yet, though I've used C2 to create web backgrounds (at ugotsta.com for example) and an ad-related game, among other miscellaneous things.

    Nice work with the header, fits nicely in the site.

  • Thank you for the feedback. I like your web background in the site you've linked to.

    I still need to trim up mu header, especially the graphic for the tabbing arrows. Plus move the iframe about.

    Also, nice Nibble game.

  • HTML5 should to replace Flash in 2014 or 2015, the partnership doesn't trust HTML5 yet until it's recommended by W3C.

  • Cheers for the reply Joannesalfa. It makes sense, HTML5 definitely seems the way to go. It clearly takes time for trust to develop. What a great opportunity to get good at Contruct2, for when the W3C start to recomment HTML5. :)

  • http://englishacorn.com/html5/advert/frontpage/index.html

    Doesn't work in Firefox or Chrome for me. It works in Opera and IE though.

  • Doesn't work in Firefox or Chrome for me. It works in Opera and IE though.

    That's strange. I only have IE, FF and Chrome and they all work for me. Perhaps its a version issue. I may try re-compiling the banner later with the new version (90) of C2 to see if that changes anything. Else I'll be kicking myself.

    Thank you for feedback and checking.

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  • Ahhh ! Yeah I have been thinking about this ^^

  • Oops. Adblock+ was blocking it because of the /advert/ in the url.

  • Thank you for checking again. You've taught me something new, I need to be a bit more careful with my labelling.

    Does it block the banner on bother the main site (with iframe) and the direct url (with /advert/ in)?



  • Yep, both of them.

  • Cheers,

    I think then I'll have to change the folder name 'advert' to something else on the server. Not to much of a problem. Just need to remember to avoid similar naming for such a service.

    Thank you for noticing it by the way. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • No problem. It looks great and is a cool use for Construct.

  • Hi, great use of Construct2 and of html5 within a webpage. If you ever get time, I wondered if you considered writing a decent tutorial for other people who want to embed html5 directly into their websites. As at the moment the tutorials only cover embeding items from the arcade.

    Just a thought. :)

  • Thank you again for your feedback and compliments.

    AJTilley: I've written this to answer your request:


    I'm not sure if it covers everything you were hoping. But I'll shortly be making a video tutorial to go along with it which may be more insightful. You embed your project into your site in a similar with the Scirra Arcade, however the html code that you copy and paste is trimmed down a lot.

    All the best,


    Edit: I've added a video to the tutorial now.

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