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  • Hey Everyone,

    I've been working on this project for a little while now?trying to turn a buggy demo I made forever ago into an actual game?and I think I have the core mechanics in place enough to ask for some play-testing, if anyone's interested. My influences are the Sonic 2 chaos emerald stages, downhill skateboarding/snowboarding, and the album Warp Riders by The Sword, which I listen to about once a night while I am working.

    This is meant to be played on a phone since it uses the Gamma input of the phones gyro. I've tested it on an iPhone 4s and I am getting about 45 to 55 FPS.

    Anyways, any-and-all feedback is welcome, and I am trying to update and release a build every weekend. So, if you think it this has promise, check back. And if you know anyone else who might be interested, forward this please!

    Here's the game: http://t.co/LqRA8bRmyi

    Here's a video if you just want to see what it's like: https://vine.co/v/bxum0Q3xUMz


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