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  • Hi, i just released a sokoban game for Android and Firefox called Warehouse!

    it has over 100 Levels to solve with increasing difficulty and there are more to come in future updates!

    hope to hear about some opinions or maybe bugs you found

    and btw please rate the game if you like it

    Android Version

    Firefox Marketplace

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  • Can I ask how was this compiled? You've managed to keep the file size really small so I'm guessing you didn't use Crosswalk. Just curious to know how you did it.

  • sure you can

    its build with the "normal" Android build option in Intel XDK (next to the crosswalk option)

  • Did you notice any change in performance? I never thought to even try that option. Although many of my games use the Phonegap plugins so I don't know if that would have a knock on effect.

    Also, fun game btw. I enjoyed playing it.

  • im testing mainly on three devices, Xperia Ray (really old device, Android 4.0.4), the old 7" Nexus Tablet (2012) and Samsung S3 Mini and i can say that some games do perform better on the Xperia when build with the normal Android option but that could be just because it has very low internal memory and all my crosswalk build games have over 50mb when installed.

    From my experience (and with my games) the performance is the same as build with crosswalk.

    How did it perform on your device? ok this game here isnt the best benchmark cause it should run fine almost everywhere, maybe you could also try pongoal from the link in my signature, its also build with normal Android option.

  • Warehouse is available now also on Firefox Marketplace

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