Waltir's Eye {Hardcore game}

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  • Hello everyone !

    It's been two months i work on a new game.

    And this game is Waltir's Eye !

    You can play here : Waltir's Eye

    The main concept of the game is to be lost in a tower completely in the dark and to find your way to the top.

    It's not easy, and i like that

    For the courageous ones, give us feedback ! It's always interesting to know what players have done (or not done) in a game, so we can improve our "game making" skills.

    Thank you for reading and enjoy the game !

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  • New version with better explanation at start of the game

    Enjoy !

    Please give me feedbacks because for now i only have a 0/5 on Newgrounds :/

    Thank you !

  • Because of some rude comments i'll work on a new major version of the game, more graphic.

    Every obstacle will be shown for a sec, i'll add smoke under feet and some other things so you can play without headphone. It totally break the main concept of the game but if i don't do that people will continue to complain it's too hard.

    But for those who want to beat the game in following the main concept, i'll do a "Hardcore" version without any symbol, like the game was when i started it.

    See ya soon !

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