Vortex Impossible released on Android

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  • Hi,

    I have released Vortex Impossible to Android store. The link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... impossible

    Game Description and features:

    Tap/Touch to shoot.

    Push your ability to focus and precision by shooting through the openings of two spinning square rings.

    Enjoy the game in a minimal old school (70-80s style) themed art style and music.

    Simple to Play hard to master.

    **Make record, Beat record, Share record to the world **


    Simple one touch game play.

    Old School theme and music

    Leader board- Compete and check players high-scores

    High score Share

  • Nice work!

  • Hi.

    I played your game and I thought it was very well made. (Although I'm not very good at it.)

    I have a question.

    How did you get the google play services working.

    I am trying to make a game on the play store and in my game I am using this code.

    on touched SubmitScoreButton - submit score Score(Score is a variable (maybe that's the problem?)) to leaderboard"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

    For some reason nothing comes up when I touch the objects.


    on touched RequestHighscores - request public all-time hi-scores from "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (25 results, top )

    By the way, "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" is the leaderboard ID.

    I am using intel xdk so you might be using something else?

    If you can help me with this, I will be so so grateful.


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  • Sure

    1. I have used cranberry phonegapgame plugin. The same code works for both Android and IOS ( not for windows).

    2. you will have to login to gamplay service at start of layout. It will be visible when the game starts. Is it happening in your case?

    3. On touch you show leaderboard with the ID.

    4. If 2 and 3 works then you try submit score. It should work.

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