Visible Darkness - Game about a blind creature

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    Hello, I've started working on a completely new game a few days ago. Suddenly I had an idea.. to create a game about a blind creature, I think that it's quite unique idea because I've never seen a similar one.

    The player is able to see only small part of the area that the character touches at the current moment, for now there are 3 complete levels, I will upload it for you when there will be 10 levels though.

    For now I'd just like to get some opinions about what do you think. Eventually I may put some playable levels earlier. The game will be completely free, as my main Knight's Tale project is currently closed due to lack of money and time (thanks for some of your donations though, I remember!) I am working on some small projects that you may eventually like.

    Here is the first "trailer"


    If you want to know something more or make your opinion public, go on! That is why I am there.

    You can always like my team's fanpage on Facebook (just created)

    Dino Egg Team on Facebook

    And follow me on Twitter:

    Mozay Knows on Twitter

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