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  • Hey Everyone,

    I've just released a teaser trailer for a game I'm working on called Viktor.

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    Also, here are a couple images of the game! More can be found at Pending Approval Studios' website.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    My plan is to put this on kickstarter to try for funding in order to finish the game. I'd love to have you guys test the game and let me know what you think!

    You can download the demo HERE

  • That looks really fun! Off to play the demo...

  • Yeah that's great, I really like the dash move. How did you stop the player from dashing into a wall?

    The flashlight scene was really cool, love the light coming off your gunshots nice touch.

    The boss was fun and wasn't mechanically contrived.

  • WOW! Amazingly well done so far! The dash mechanic was really cool I liked how it worked! I really liked the music and art style too, managed to get a dark castlevania style atmosphere.

    Only thing I noticed was was some collision issues, like those fire ball enemy things kind of stick to you when they hit you.

    Also as much as I liked the music, you may want to consider more than just one song :p

    Do you plan on expanding on the mechanics anymore? The dash is really cool and you seem to be innovative in the mechanic field, so just wondering if you plan on adding more.

    Really cool game though, going to be following this one closely.

  • CrudeMik

    Thanks, glad you liked it! To stop the player dashing into a wall, I created an indicator sprite (just a box) that rotated around the player based on the mouse position and when you dash, it checks if its overlapping a solid object. If it's not (since it's your end destination), it disables the collision while dashing, but if it is, it keeps collision enabled and stops dashing as soon as you hit a wall.

    Dannyzigg - thanks for playing it!

    For the collision issues you were having, I couldn't figure out a way around that, but you should have the mechanics to get away from the fire ball enemies :) And yeah, the song is a little short. I didn't think the level was going to be so long when I started!

    I do have some ideas for original mecahnics, but you'll just have to stay tuned :)

  • very interesting gameplay :)

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  • ome6a1717

    I could really see this as the next big construct game man for real, could even see this getting through steam greenlight no problem!

    As far as my collision issue, you're definitely right2 Can always dash away ;P

    I think a simple work around on your end would be collision detection for the fireballs. Make a little invisible box that is always on the opposite side of their current direction. When overlapping the player sprite set the fireballs direction toward that little box for maybe .8 seconds, then back toward the player. This would emulate the Boo behavior from the original super mario world where they kind of orbit mario after striking him.

    If you composed that song yourself it was really well done! Can't imagine you would have nay trouble mixing up a few more :)

    Really excited to see this game grow!

  • Dannyzigg - thanks! Thats not a bad idea with the overlap sprite, I might have to try something like that.

    The music was done by me, I had to outsource the art though (I'm not even nearly as skilled in the art department).

  • wow.. this gonna be big man release it on the mobile!, hopefully it can support w/o lag as we can release more premium games, and hopefuly C2 be stable on the mobile.

    Reminds me of SOTN, also having the teleport moveset makes it interesting to play.

    Good luck, looks promising ;)

  • This is very pro! The menus, cinematics, visuals and sounds are all very clean and professionnal! One of the best C2 project I've seen.

    I played the demo and it's very smooth (conforting me in the capabilities of C2 :) )

    Your dash feature is excellent and, in my opinion, should be the main movement feature of the hero.

    I had difficulties with the mix of the jump and the dash on my paddle. I don't know all the game situations you have planned, but I really think you don't need the jump at all. You have a spirit dash!

    If I want :

    -to move back quickly when firing, I dash

    -to run faster, I dash

    -to jump, I dash


    I would just dash in the left stick direction (not the right one)

    If the jump is replaced by the dash, we will need of course a HUD or something to indicate the 'energy bar' of the dash so we can just dash one time or two in the air. (or more with upgrades)

    I think my explanations are very confused. :/

    Anyway, the dash feeling is pretty nice in the demo and I'm sure you can make it even better. :)

    Are you alone on that project?

    Keep up the good work!

  • KaMiZoTo & xchellseax - thanks for trying it out! I'm glad you guys like it.

    Kamizoto - The project was pretty much done by only myself (I did hire an artist for all of the art, though).

  • ome6a1717,


    like it or not, eye candy gets attention. and with the combination of eye candy and game play present here, you have a winner on the level of 'super ubie land' in the making sir.

  • harrio - thanks so much! I can only hope this game can be half as successful as super ubie land.

  • Great game!

    Just a couple of points:

    1/. To be able to define the move left & right keys. being left-handed I would have like these to be the arrow / cursor keys instead of A and D but could find no way to redefine those keys.

    2/. At one point I got stuck in a wall.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Nickydude - thanks for taking the time to play it. You're right, I'll definitely have to add the ability to define all actions within the game.

    As far as getting stuck in walls, I've had that happen before, but it seems to only happen at lower fps (below 40). I've tried for hours and could never replicate it at 60 fps. It's probably a dt issue somewhere, so I may have to change the way the dash is performed.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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