Vessel Run 1983, touchscreen retro arcade game

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  • Hi everyone, I'm a videogame lover from Belgium and I discovered a few weeks ago scirra's awesome tool. I'm working on several projects but I needed a pause and tried to develop a full game in one week-end. It's a rather simple game, a retro arcade from the eighties inspired by a Vectrex game(I can't remember the name and I can't even remember how the gameplay was) made especially for touchscreens. I had the idea after having found in my cellar an old audio CD of unreleased live electronic music I made 15 years ago. The perfect soundtrack for that kind of game.

    You can test the full game on android here(freely of course): ... selrun1983

    I just uploaded the pictures with the new terraforming engine, so the game may look different from the pictures until they're replaced. I already have a large list of things which need to be improved, I'm updating the game once to twice a week with new features.

    Please tell me what you think. And thank you!

  • Nice terrain effect. Care to share the technique? might want to add some in game instructions. We just tap the expanding circles, right? How long before the wormhole? Anyway great effort for a weekend! I'm close to completing a retro arcade game clone from 1980 😀

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  • Hi, and thanks for the feedback. the technique for the terrain is quite simple but I'm thinking of making a guide soon.

    It's a set of sprites appearing randomly "on the top of the road" at an interval, moving to bottom while getting more opacity and growing up until they reach a Y value(then they're destroyed).

    The explanation of the game was included in the google play store description but I'll certainly put a "How to play" link on the title screen.

    The game is 30 levels long. (130000 points to reach the end). It's hard but doable

    I'll add soon other "enemies" (which are more environmental problems due to the planet which is collapsing) such as electricity arcs coming from the ground.

  • Yes I looked in the Play store description after, but just a simple screen is nice That technique is similar to how I pictured it, it's quite effective. More enemies would be good.

  • Hi,

    I just tried to download but got an error saying "Package was not signed correctly" and the installation aborted on my Android 4.2.2 tablet...

    I think I remember the Vectrex game you are referencing: StarHawk, maybe?

    Anyway, it looks quite cool, hope to be able to play it soon!


  • Yeah, i get the same message like roberto.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I'll update my apk in a few hours, it seems there is a problem with jdk 1.8 when signing (1.6 works fine according to forums).

  • The game has now been updated with global leaderboards and achievements(Google Play Games Services) ... selrun1983

  • Works good on my Samsung galaxy, good music

  • Works and looks great on nvidia shield while connected to tv. Been beating high scores and getting achievments. Sadly nvidia shield google play services crashes after awhile. But not your fault. Known error for a while.

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