A very, VERY simple Infinite Runner

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  • GAME: http://elf-games.com/mmiller/Infinite%20Platformer/

    This is a big deal for me - it's my very FIRST publically-released game.

    But, please don't go in thinking it's anything extra special. I surely know it's not. LOL

    The game is the product of a challenge given to me by NotionGames as I progress in learning C2 and the game-making craft. I'm typically the kind of guy who thinks BIG...way too big sometimes. This game is an attempt to keep things very simple.

    Please feel free to leave me your thoughts - good, the bad (but HELPFUL), and suggestions for improvements/additions.

    The game has only been tested on Chrome for the time being. But it's not using anything significantly extra special, so all browsers, I believe, should be okay.

  • Well....it doesn´t work on safari at all....

    Should there really be an % in the URL?

  • Worked for me in firefox on windows XP...

    I liked Your "tutorial" section with the informative arrow...

    I think it's not bad for a first effort, but to me the game lacks focus, you seem to spend most of the time at the far right waiting for another platform, barely feeling threatened by the block bird...

    some nice touches showing a sense of humour, the characters eyes looking around for example...

    also on my system after dying I had to refresh the browser, to play again as clicking everywhere was fruitless...

    will add an irk of mine is having to click to advance when I have just played game with keyboard...

  • Hmm, worked for me to except controls. In your tutorial you see PRESS TO JUMP, press what? The arrow keys are not responding at all, the tut says press left and right....nothing happened. Am I missing something here?

    Also, when it says click to play, and I click my mouse....again nothing happends, it starts when I press a key.

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  • I works good. The way of jumping is nicly done. Tutorial is explained well.

    I don't like the controls and i think you can add more effects as particles or something happening when the player jumps falls.

  • Beaverlicious - I forgot about Safari. I don't even have it on my computer. What problem are you encountering, exactly?

    And yes, the % is supposed to be there.

    pixel perfick - Thanks. And I definitely appreciate the feedback.

    I plan(ned) to add a mouth that randomly changes expressions depending on how close he is to the bird or the coins. Hopefully adding to the humor factor. I'm really glad you noticed that.

    The difficulty factor does start out pretty low and doesn't get much harder even as things get faster. I am aware that...yeah. Again, I was trying to keep things really simple and not complicate the development process. But I do see that it needs some improvement. My main goal was just to get things to work

    I think I forgot to change some text at the Game Over part - you shouldn't have to click at all. Sorry about that.

    peterbot1970 - During the "tutorial" intro, towards the end there are instructions above Mr Blue quickly showing which keys on the keyboard to press (A and D to move left/right, and K to jump, and then hold/release L to super-jump). Again, very sorry for the confusion.

    mrnannings - Thank you. I'm not much of an artist at all so even adding the Particle object for the Egg-splosion was a step-up for me. Everything you mentioned and several other points definitely need LOTS of refinement.

  • Well... not it seems to run.

    I found out, that Safari is always a little tricky regarding absolutely everything (Graphics/Sound/Performance).

    I really ignore it a little bit for my own projects.

    Just need to use safari, cause I got a Mac at work

  • Beaverlicious works good on my safari for windows xD tiny bit choppy perhaps

    Rhindon In your tutorial you are referring to arrows but use different keys.

    Also, when you die, it says click to continue, while you need to press space.

    I'll not comment onthe game itself ^_^ but the intro/tutorial was nicely integrated.

    Also, during game load, there were no progress indicators.

  • ya know, that was a fun little game... hit 143 my first run. That little bird doesnt give up.

  • lennaert - All noted. Thank you. I'll get that worked out.

    There is no real "progress" other than that speed indicator in the HUD. It shows how fast you're going. Combined with the number of coins you collect, it's just a matter of getting as high as you can in numbers.

    - NICE WORK! And no, lol, that bird doesn't give up at all. He has issues.

    Did anyone get REALLY close to the bird without hitting him?

  • Perhaps I worded that a bit wrong ^_^ I meant a progress / load indicator.

    when I first started the game, after a couple seconds with a dark screen I was pondering if it worked at all, and just before i was about to hit the browser back button, the game appeared.

    Progress indicator while loading, not gameplay

  • lennaert - That's very odd. I didn't turn Game Load indicator off. (Why didn't anyone tell me about POST-release bug testing? LOL)

  • Haha

    I refreshed the browser and it showed up now >_> not sure what happened there lol

    I played a couple times, and I really like how the game over text fallls down, and potentially leaves letters up in the air as they hit a platform funny !!!

  • lennaert - LOL I'm really glad you liked that bit. Hard any of the "extra" stuff fits the game - it's more of something I kinda slapped together. About the only thing that's consistent is the blocky graphics. The falling Game Over was just me trying to add another touch of silliness.

  • Well Done Rhindon! I like the mechanics of your game.

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