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  • EDIT AGAIN: Changed game's name because whadehell.

    Okay so against my better judgement I've decided to give this goddam program another try. Thus I've been rummaging over some of my old sad half-done projects, seeing if I can rig 'em up a little bit and, who knows innit, maybe get them finally published alright. Not gonna happen most likely, never happens -- anyway, today I give you



    A revamp of my old PacBoy (itself a revamp of Namco's Pac-Man) with a hint of colour, plus shooting turrets, giant saws, secret hatches and whatnot.

    It's a pretty polished beta, with nearly all features functional. Could use a bigger, more balanced map. Also, grid movement is not as robust as it should, enemies go thru walls sometimes, which pisses me off greatly. TETRAPACMMATRON is aimed primarily for mobile/tablet, but as always with Construct, performance is quite the challenge. As it is now, runs reasonably well on all my rather-crappy devices. Far from optimal, of course. Lags a bit too much at the beginning, which I hope I'll be able to fix with a title screen or something.

    Comments appreciated! How's performance for you? What scores you get? Do them damn ghosts cross the walls? Do you think Namco could sue me?


  • So! Changed game's name, tweaked it a bit (not enough), and kicked it's butt to and the arcade. A small step for a man.

    This is fun to make and gave me some interesting ideas, although I think I really should keep distances with registered IP if i develop it further. "Prototype", is the word.

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  • Hey I was wondering what happened to you .... :)

    that game looks pretty damn sick... I will give it a whirl tomorrow, absolutely jaded right now.. need to get some shuteye.....

    just surprised to see your name pop up, welcome back sir

  • yo NetOne cheers brother! good to see some oldschoolers around :D everything's so changed round here. tried to check what you've been up to of late but i don't really get on too well with this new site yet (well it's not "new" anymore is it). your wisdom is always welcome :)

    Now that we're at it, not a lot of people really seem to stick to Construct innit. I'm more or less aware that it's got it's limitations and all -- yet some people seem to overcome them and ship beautiful games. Im always just before the "overcome" part, which pisses me off cause it really seems like the perfect software for me (code-silly as i am). Anyway,

    Im currently struggling with this Monaca thing (some kind of alt as far as i can figure), trying to get the game into Android. that'd be my first :S And leaderboard aint working, down at the arcade (ha!). I really, really hate them leaderboards. Further name changes not ruled out. I'll be back with new tides.

  • So we're old schoolers now ?! :)

    Wasn't it only a year ago that we were like proper noobs...?

    Anyway that Pacman game looks and plays real nice, great job. love the new colors and gameplay mechanics and overall vibe.

    yea it sure got quiter around here since the transition to C3 and the new website, but there still some "real" oldschoolers lurking also a lot of new blood with good ideas and enthusiasm.

    As for people migrating yea maybe, I think they main draw with other tools is console exports but we now have chowdren project covering that if you game is good enough.

    also I think that web served games will dominate the future and may even start to dismantle the big monopolies like sony MS steam etc so construct is in a good position for that. also it will be real interesting to see where web goes now that Microsoft has jumped on chromium

    good luck with your APK, exciting stuff! i have absolutely no idea when it comes to the social media and leader-boards stuff Im dreading that when I get there.

    im not an expert but the C3 has direct apk exports which appear to be pretty damn decent performance wise (could be worth taking the plunge to C3 just for that if you plan to do them regularly)

    anyway later, Im on holiday in 30 minutes. yeaae

    Happy Christmas

    (ps new years resolution.... will finish my shmup by next Christmas)

  • Lol damn right we're oldcshool. And getting older by the day. Me, i thinks i'm even getting less and less "schooled" too :P Chowdren, eh? I need to hv a look at that. I need to have many looks at many things indeed. Thanks, man. Merry christmas and enjoy yr holidays! :)

    Game update: zzzzzz...

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