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  • Just published v2 of my Windows 8 game. V2 takes advantage of the Windows 8 Plug-in for Roaming Data as well as the Share Charm. If you have a Windows 8 device, would appreciate it if you would download and provide any feedback. Love the Scirra toolset to create games!!!

    Simple Simon Said - for Windows 8 devices




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  • Bare with me, im on my tablet and typing is a pain. Your game worls really well. The logic is down. I would recommend speeding up the cpu time. it feels slow but im also impatient. I think if you do some polishing it it you would have one damn fine game on your hands. Change some of the fonts and make the score board look better. Im also not a dan of the start button. I think something better could be done for that. All in all, Im being picky to offer feedback. Its well done and it got me sucked in for a while. You did a good job emulating Simon Says.

    Edit: wow.... me and touch keyboards do not mix. Ill try and remember to offer better feedback tomorrow when im near my laptop,

  • I'm super happy that you've taken time to provide the feedback. Thanks. Yeah, I don't like the scoreboard either... I think that was creative fatigue as I wanted to finish it up and submit it. I'll rethink it. Curious to get your thoughts on the Start button... wondering what I could do there. I did have the clock speed up once you get past level 4... but, after a few modifications it doesn't look like it is taking. I'll go back and see why that is (I too think it is slow as you wait for it to repeat the same thing over and over again... I wanted it to be fast w/ the last one being slow since it was the new addition).

    Thanks for taking the time... truly appreciate it.

  • I tried it and it is quite nice and simple. I would prefer if you added modes maybe. ?There could be a really hard mode where it goes really fast or something like that. Other than that great game!

  • Thanks for the reply. Truly appreciate the both of you taking the time to look at it. I will be doing a trip pretty soon... so, I'll look at making those changes while I'm stuck in a hotel.

  • Out of curiosity, what are you using to embed the mobile ads into the game? This is something I'm going to start exploring soon.

  • Check this out. I've been in discussions with him. Some of the sizes are obsolete and there are new sizes available from the Microsoft PubCenter. But, this should get you started... Just cross reference the available sizes.

    http://ryanjoy.com/2013/05/introducing- ... nstruct-2/


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