[Updated with capx] Pseudo 3D Starfield

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  • Hey guys :)

    I just finished to translate my Pseudo 3D Starfield code sample in Construct 2. This is a code I made on other language and software, and I wanted to translate it for Construct 2 :)

    You can see the result here : Pseudo 3D Starfield

    I will share the capx soon :) This just a sample, and I will give you the Construct 2 file, so you will be able to play with if you want to :)

    Thanks :)

    Updated : you can now download the capx on the Arcade Scirra WebSite :)or here : Download the capx

  • Ooooh, pretty!

  • Looks amazing!

  • This is really nice,

    Thanks for sharing the capx, im guessing i wont understand it but id love to see :)

  • Haha, that's really cool. I ended up staring at it for a few minutes straight. The only thing I would add to make it look better is, when the stars appear in the distance, maybe they should fade in instead of just appearing at full opacity, to help hide the fact that they pop out of nowhere.

    Other than that, really good job, can't wait to see how it works. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey guys :)

    Thank you for your comments :) Please excuse me if I make some "english mistakes" it's not my first language. I will try to do my best.

    So, Sully you are right, we can improve it. I will share the capx on the afternoon (France Time lol), and I will update the topic with some explainations.

    But you will see that it's not difficult, there is a very simple code. The aim is to create a fake z coordinate with some mathematic calculation :) On the other side, there are always 250 stars (sprites) on the screen so for example on my Eeepc that's not smooth (because I have a small graphic card and no webgl :( ).

    Thank you and I'm happy if you enjoy it. I posted my sample in the Scirra Arcade and it was been approved so I updated the link at the top of this topic with the Scirra Arcade link.

    Ouf...I hope you will understand all I wrote here lol ^^

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  • Hi there :)

    Sorry for the double post, just to say that I upload the Capx on the Arcade Scirra WebSite. You can download it and use it if you want :)

    I try to comment "lines of code" to make you understand it :)

    Have fun !

  • Thank you for sharing this with us really apprecated ! :)

  • I tried to add a simple pause to this and the stars keep going, I wonder why? It sure is a cool effect however.

  • **Solved** Set system to set the speed global variable to 0 then back to 1.9, love this effect.

  • Cool effect!

  • bump... any update on this? im getting 404 error..

  • cryptspecial

    The old arcade hasn't been fully made available since the new arcade was setup - see the following thread and post from Tom.

    You could post a query about the old arcade in that thread and make sure to tag Tom, so he'll notice.

  • it has been removed?

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