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  • This is a game I made for MiniLD #35 a small 48h game compo

    Play Here

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/DiNZh.png" border="0">

    The initial idea was to make a game that was half a space shooter, half exploration/roguelike/zelda, but had to scrap the second half early on. There are 3 weapons that level up when you pick more power ups, similar to Raiden. Bombs doesn't work u.u'

    I interpreted the theme DARE by making graphics that followed the NES restriction a lot more closely. I also DARED to copy

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    and make the ship a girl, that transforms when the level start (31 frames :0)

    Also, I DARED to try some stuff in Construct 2 that I never tryed before, like loading the level from a .tmx (Tiled file) using XML, and using SpriteFont to create the info in the HUD

    This was made in roughly 24 hours

    Music by http://ozzed.net/

  • the good good but does it has end or just for score??because i couldn't finish first level...some stuffs i didn't like :

    the powers -.- why we get like laser power then we can get the normal power shoot.. even the powers will not destroy it keep bouncing in the screen so i must take it so you should make powers keep getting powerful not changing between them green,red,blue..

    also when i die why the layout restart?? if it score game or level game we should continue from where we died..

  • Nice! I played it until the scenery scrolled to the end :P

    Nice work!

    How did you make the ship's stroke become red when they receive damage? Is it a different frame or some kind of tinting?

  • i think its a frame when he get hit it change to that then to normal one

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  • zsangerous

    I made this game in 2 days, so there is only one level that loops. I should have stated this in the post. This is more of a beta, just to see how the game works

    The powers go away after a while. Picking up multiple power ups of the same color, will increase the level

    It's another animation. The animation default has 3 frames, the player facing forward, left and right. Than the "hit" animation is the same, only with red outlines.

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