Underhill, action Roguelike-like

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  • Hey guys, I'd just like to show you all Underhill:


    (playable at link) Sounds and music only work with Chrome.

    I had a blast with the new Construct, great job, guys!

    I'd also like to request that the Arcade page allow resolutions above 800px width, I'd really like to upload Underhill, 900px width.

    Hope you have fun. -BuffaloPhil, Dirigo Gameshttp://dirigogames.com/?page_id=161<img src="http://dirigogames.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/image4.png" border="0">

  • Wow! I love the logo. I just tried a quick play of the game and it seems really good. I am going to play a bit more later on my lunch break.

  • Very nice. It somehow reminds me of the first RPG games on the ole Atari....

  • Thank you, EgoAnt!

  • Thanks, Weishaupt. I grew up on that crap!   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Great stuff there! I've always loved rogue-like games and I'd love to see a lot of stats in this to make it more rogue-like. I didn't play far enough to see if there's a shop to spend the money but if there's not one, that'd be awesome to have!

    Looks and sounds great so far and it really seems to have a lot of potential.



  • Thanks for the time and kind words, David!

  • Wow! I love it so far. I played to level 4 before I died. The graphics are great and really suit the game. The logo really caught my attention. When I saw it, there was no way I could have skipped this game. Also, I love the bleed effect when my health was low.

    If there is 1 thing I think would make it better, it's the control scheme. At least on the keyboard I was using, it was awkward trying to keep my hands on the 3 attack buttons. Also, on a large number of Windows based computers, pressing shift repeatedly causes the sticky keys pop up to show. I would have liked to have the 3 attack keys side by side (for example: A, S, D).

    I will definitely be revisiting this game to see your progress.

  • Hey FragFather,

    You're the man, that's really helpful feedback. I hadn't considered the SHIFT sticky keys at all- great point. Also I think you've convinced me to move to a cycle weapons format instead of a key for each attack. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Wow hard, no kidding. I got to stage 5 or 6 then died in 2 seconds.

    Some kind of leveling system would be awesome, so you can have better hit-points and resistance to things. Hard is good, but wowee the difficulty curve is like running head first into a brick wall D:

    It's very cool though, and reminds me of a more modern day Gauntlet :D

    I also agree that a slightly less "too many buttons" weapon system would be good, though keeping arrows as an additional or alternate fire style weapon is great.

    I look forward to seeing future updates to this ;D


  • Hey Sol, (my favorite star)

    The NES Gauntlet was on my mind while I was working on this, that is certain. I really loved that game.

    I agree that Underhill is too hard, I've played about 1000+ times while testing, so I adjust the difficulty to my level. I think that selectable difficulty settings would benefit most people who just want to check it out, and not commit hours!    

    I think that Leveling/item purchase is the next direction I will head in... Thanks for your comments! Please keep sending light and heat to our humble planet!

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  • One final word from me- Underhill is now available to play right here on the Scirra Arcade page. If you want to comment do so there. Thanks!

  • Love the game, great work so far!

    Happy New Year!

  • Thank you, Beron!

  • Hey Buffalophil, i know you said to post in the arcade section but i didnt want to make a massive wall of text there.

    I can see another of your (good) influences from the Nes in this one. Ghouls and ghosts : Not only with the run and armour effect but the difficulty.

    The game plays really smoothly, watching the youtube video doesnt do your game justice imo. I had a totally different experience to what i was expecting.

    One issue with the controls, if you are moving diagonally - ie 2 movement keys pressed, often you cant attack. Im not sure how to fix it unfortunately (your probably also aware of it but have learned to manage).

    Also, i am notorious for this - but were the controls explained somewhere? I couldnt figure out how to shoot arrows.

    When you implement the shop ill definately be back to play this.

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