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  • Ultimate Typing Challenge lets players test their typing speed by typing the words appearing on the screen. Players also care for the timer that keeps ticking until 30 seconds. Once the timer reaches 0 and if the written answer does not matches the Challenge text, then it?s Game Over for the player. So the players when playing this game should better take the practice challenge in the game first, before taking up the original challenge.

    Ultimate Typing Challenge is extremely new in the idea and concept which is what should encourage the users to play it more and more. You can call it as an addictive but brain-teaser game. We continue to enhance the social aspects of the game, including in-game achievement, helping friends through multi player options, and in future, if this game succeeds there are plans to add Ultimate Typing World Cup.

    This game community can only grow if it has believers in this game, and once that happens, it will grow as viral as any other veteran games out there worldwide! All we want is users to trust this game and the game will on its own make a mark, worldwide. Enjoy this game but don?t forget to read the Instruction before.

    links to the game is here:



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