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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm glad to present Ultimate Barbarian !

    Features :

    It's a 2D action game with RPG and Roguelike elements. You are a barbarian following a mighty quest in a classical heroic fantasy world. The gameplay in mainly based on bloody melee battles with a high difficulty and high rewards. There are many taverns across the world map, filled with drunken barbarians, sellswords and poor people looking for help. You can train yourself in arenas to prepare for the greater battles, do some quests to gain gold and magic items.

    Current state :

    The game is available in early access, but we're currently on update 7 and it's fully playable. The three main updates to the final version will add contents like items, weapons, environments and whatever come from the players suggestions.



  • I do not like killing games in which blood is seen but in general it seems to me that it is well executed.

    The animations are somewhat simple but effective.

    And that attack in which he starts to turn is very good.

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  • , thanks ! Did you try the demo ? How did find the trailer ?

    I can't find a way to mention your pseudo...

  • I tried the demo.

    In my opinion the graphics are somewhat confusing.

    I would suggest using a lighter tone for the foreground of things (tree tops and other decoration) and a darker tone for decoration at the level of the character.

    This is so that it is easy to distinguish between what is above and what is below.

    I also saw that the shadow is projected by the character, why did you decide this? Do not you prefer a fixed fixed shadow for the objects (stones and others)?

    In the movement there are no limits, the character can turn his head 180 degrees while his body goes straight until it starts to turn towards the head, have you tried to put realistic limits ?.

    What happens if you make the turns faster? I mean that the character positions himself with more speed towards the cursor.

    The combat I like, I think it's okay, I do not see anything wrong there.

    At the moment my observations are:

    • The graphics, there is no clear distinction between 1 plane and 2 plane.
    • The turns in the combat sometimes are something strange, I do not know very well how it can be solved but perhaps it could be tried to give more speed to the rotation of the angle of the personage.

    This is something that I discovered recently and maybe you already know it but this page exists:

    https://sketchfab.com/models/62f5068892 ... 6fafbc5bf1

    If you position the camera at the top angle you have references for the graphics.

    With this I do not say that the graphics are wrong, if you like your graphics then there is no problem, this is just for reference, to know what is seen and what is not seen from that point of view.

    You can see buildings and many things.

    The last thing, I have maximized the window but the white bar does not disappear.

    Can not this white bar be eliminated?

  • ,

    Thanks for your feedback !

    I'll try something with the tone difference to make the background/top more readable, good idea !

    About the shadow casting I let things as they were because it brings some movement in the scene, but it's strange you're right. A fixed shadow would be better.

    I did limit on head rotation cause I found it funnny, but will resolve it in further update. And the character rotation will be tested but it has to be not immediate for the positioning ingame keeps to be a tactical challenge.

    I'm ok with the character graphic style for now, as it's very low resolution and doesn't have to be realistic, and also I'm not a professional pixel artist, not at all ^^. But the link you gave is very useful, thanks.

    And what is the white bar you're talking about ? Do you mean the application window top bar ? In the game menu, you have an icon of a gear that leads to options and a fullscreen button.

  • Yes, the tone should favor the game even more, take a test and decide from there.

    Ok I understand:

    • If I click on the maximize button, the white bar does not disappear.
    • If I click on the option "full screen" in the options menu then the white bar disappears.

    ¡Thanks and goor work!

  • I really like some of the ideas and it really seems to be fun to play BUT I have 3 graphic problems that totally break the game for me:

    1) As others said its not an easy-to-read game: Its not 100% obvious which objects are decorations, interactive, impassable and even the buy menus. There are many ways to fix that: contrast, glows, groups of colors, borders.... you decide.

    2) This may be 100% personal but the fact that the "camera" is really close to the character really increases to me the confusion. I really really feel that I would need a zoom out option to even try the game.

    3) As a graphic designer your HP UI gives me cancer (Im not intended to offend, its just that it contradicts all good GD implementations)

    a) Its too far from the main area were the player concentrates its vision//focus, and knowing how much HP you have is essential to surviving/playing

    b) its tooo tiny (it even has the same size as the gold, but is far more important)

    c) Numbers are"slower" to understand than other more visual options like "life bars" and you are making an "action" game

    d) Has 0 contrast or background, meaning that if the floor beneath its is brown or red you cant even see it

    Beyond those 3 things, I really see the potential for a fun game .

  • really liked it

  • Thanks Naurgalen for your feedback. That with The Mnk advices are very useful. I'll change the UI a bit for the next build, especially the HP infos, for a Health bar. About its location, you said it's too far from where the player concentrates its view, but I can't see any other place that does not overlap with game element. Any idea by any chance ?

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