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  • Hiya, I made a couple of new games with Construct 2 and put them on my website.

    There are four games all made with Construct 2

    Seventy Two (new): This is my favorite

    Jupiter Rescue (new): My second favorite

    Bomb Bomb Babies (old): The more I look at it the more I hate it but it took so damn long to make I guess it'll have to stay

    8 Bit Tank (old): My first attempt at making a game, its ok if you've just woken from cryostasis from the 70's otherwise it's crap bt was only ever meant to test if I could get on ok with Construct 2

    Any feedback would be greatly accepted.

    BTW the site itself is a long time away from being finished but the games are on there. I've started working on another game, I've become a bit of a Construct 2 addict ;-p

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  • Hi dude,

    I tried seventy two (you said it was the best one and the one you prefered. ;)) and I really liked it. It's a kind of "impossible game". I didn't finish it I went until level 11. I already had more than 90 deaths... :P.

    In addition, there are couple of things to improve. For example when the robot jumps, I think you used a "keyboard - on button hold" and you should have used, "on button press" instead. Because, every time I jumped over another platform, If I kept the space bar pushed, the robot will jump and I didn't ask him to jump. Maybe you did it on purpose after all. It's the same thing with the acceleration. I press a little the left or right arrow and the robot slides...It's also cool because it makes the game more difficult. Actually I think you could leave it like that. It's not a bug and it adds more challenge to the game.

    To finish, How many levels did you create? Just to see if I was close to the end :)

  • Aww Brill :) So glad you liked Seventy Two. You were very close to the end as I only made 14 levels as I was starting to run out of ideas ;-p

    The repeating jumps by holding down space is by design to allow quick successive jumping if required as well as the way the robot slides, if you look closely enough you'll see that the robot gets around on tracks (like Tank Tracks, I'm not sure if there is a proper name for them?) If you change direction quickly your momentum keeps you going in that direction and the tracks spin until they gain traction to then take you in the opposite direction, also if you let go of the direction you're moving in the robot slows down rather than coming to a complete stop, likewise the robot picks up speed the longer the direction button is held until it reaches its maximum speed. I kind of imagined if it was a real robot that's how it would move?

    If you ever manage to finish it let me know, it is do-able as I completed it several times during testing just to make sure it's possible.

    again thank you so much for playing this game. I just played yours, I wish I could make graphics as good as yours.

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