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  • I was doing an experiment to support multi-resolution screens, i heard some developers from here complained about fullscreen support didn't fit the whole screen. So i did and it worked, according to Wink released an awesome formula to support multi-resolutions. Thanks Wink!

    I tweaked and optimized the formula to support mobile devices and any screen without performance loss.

    My sketch game uses 640 x 480, my iPod 4 uses 960 x 640 and my generic android tablet uses 1024 x 768, it looks like a real fullscreen without empty spaces.

    Demostration video:


    Anyone is interesed?

  • I am definitely interested. Can you share?

  • Now that�s some scary demo, but i would definitely be interested if you could share ;]

  • very interested to see more :)

  • I like and wonder.Share please :)

  • Have you tried it at HD resolutions (720, 1080) to see how it scales on devices with larger screens?

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  • Im interesed too!!

    That demo works perfectly and the resolution in mobile devices is something too wide.

  • This is sooo nice to see. Super life saver for me because i made my game with Samsung Galaxy S2 screen resolution(800x480). Now i got the issue with other resolutions the objects are bigger or wrong placed and does not work like it should in other resolutions like my tablet. The scale in CocoonJS cant fix it. Please share this tweak with us.

    Sorry for my bad english, have a nice day..

  • Share it Share it Share it Share it!

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  • Can we get please more information about your tweak Joannesalfa? Really exicited about this.

  • Hi all guys,

    This solution only works for background image, not sprites inside of canvas because it keeps proportional, otherwise it will break game if you use position or size in the events.

    There no way to modify C2 engine using runtime, i don?t think javascript SDK would work because C2 keeps updating proportional window that we cannot make it true fullscreen.

    Please convince Ashley to add extra option to support true fullscreen


  • Thanks for sharing!

    I agree - true fullscreen is something we would definitely like to see.

  • Excal I didn't share a .capx at moment, im convincing Ashley could add new option to fullscreen could solve our problems, otherwise if he refuses the idea, i will upload a .capx it might require a lot of work if you integrate your game.

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