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  • Hello everyone,

    I hope i am posting this in the right section.

    I made a kind of space invaders game called "Turtle Invasion".

    It is still a work in progress but a would really like to hear some feedback and mabey some great tips.

    The controls are simple, left-key for left, right key to go right

    and the space bar to shoot.

    The goal of the game is to shoot all the turtles.


  • That was nice to play. The level of difficulty is a little high but that makes it challenging so the gamer would try to get better control by playing again. The graphics look cool. The swaying motion of the turtles and the acceleration of dropping bomb all look appealing. The player can be animated, I feel. Are you planning for some level ups, probably you can make them drop too. The turtles blue turtles that reach the ground and explode does not affect the life, is it meant to be that way!

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  • too hard but funny to play :D

  • Nice one Jeffrf

    The gameplay was fun and the explosion effects are great.

    What made it hard was that when you hit your enemy they immediately fire back. Once i was used to that it became much easier.

    This is a bit trivial - but for me you have too many conflicting elements of the game. You are a medievil knight that shoots stars out of your sword - shooting at bomb dropping parachuting turtles - while space ships flying around in the background :)

    I know that its a just a little game so it really doesnt matter - but still, i think it would present better if you stuck to a theme a little more, or at least tied the elements together a bit more.

    Aside from that, thumbs up!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you all for youre comments.

    Danijerry you are right, the bleu turtles where supposed to affect the live of the player, i will fix that. Also a level up is a great tip i will also put that in the game.

    GenkiGenga you are right :-) my imagination went overboard on the theme. So i am going to choose a theme and going to try to stick with that.

    imothep85 i played the game a 1000 times wil making it, and every time i was affraide that it would become to easy, because of that i am affraid i made it to hard, i will keep that in mind while a am remaking the game.

    Thanks again, great tips to keep working on it.

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