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  • Hi

    My partner and I have been working on a small game to show off her animation and artwork.

    You can play the online version here www.inna-animation.com/tulley (~35mb)

    or download a Windows exe and see some artwork and screenshots here

    It was made with C2 and Flash. We're currently trying to get it running well on Android and iOS but currently having performance issues. Hopefully we can sort them out soon.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for the help we've had on the forums too - it's fun working with Construct :)


  • Wow your partner is a very talented artist. Very nice Rayman level animation and art <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

    And it's a very nicely constructed platformer. The foreground effects are very cool.

    The only thing I found a little strange was the camera when the player is moving through the Y axis - it seems to get quite jittery. When falling from large heights it gets very noticeable.

    Overall awesome work! I hope you don't mind if I add it to my signature?

  • It's beautiful artwork. I felt like I was in a cartoon instead of playing a video game. Terrific work!

  • Oustanding artwork and game design, I do think it s the best game I saw made in C2.

    At this point though, after trying both the chrome version and the .exe, I have to say that the framerate I get doesnt make the game as enjoyable as it should... the scrolling is laggy and the snakes behave oddly when I jump on them.

    You are doing a great work, do not take me wrong, what I am pointing my finger at is the engine that maybe cannot handle that amount of images smoothly.

    I am not using a super computer, but it should be able to run the game without problems.

    I am the only one not enjoying this game at the right fps?

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  • Thanks for the honest feedback.

    The camera jerking as you fall far, I know what the issue is there, just need to implement a fix for it sometime. We have a couple of other bugs but not game breakers so left them for now.

    As for performance it's using a few effects on the foreground and background layers so that might be the reason. We did test on a slower pc and had similar issues as you describe. We're just thinking about what to do with it next :)

    There is a video on vimeo if you want to see it running at the proper framerate here:



  • Art is very pretty and detailed! It'd be better if camera moved more smoothly. But all in all very nice job!

  • Looks really nice, but as others have said above me there are problems with the camera when I'm falling from great heights. Other than that, the game looks very well designed. Is the game still under heavy development? Or are you just polishing up and fixing bugs now?

  • switchxs,

    this is why i love platformers as a game genre. because people with artistic talent and creative design skills can make something that you have not seen before.

    love this sir.

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