Trench Run [fps test]

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  • I've been working on a small side project for a few days just to test some stuff/performance.

    <font size="4">Controls:</font>

    Left Arrow - move left

    Right Arrow - move right

    Hold Shift + Left/Right Arrow - for slower horizontal movement

    Up Arrow - move faster

    Down Arrow - move slower

    Space - shoot lasers (no point for doing that yet, but you can if you want)

    Download link: Trench Run

    I get almost same result on IE9 and Chrome. Usually it stays between 56-60fps but sometimes it goes down to 30-34 for a second or two and goes back to 56-60. Not sure why it's happening. There's about 150 objects (mainly instances of same sprite) on the screen +/- 5 for obstacles and some more for lasers.

    I would like to ask you if You could play it for a while and tell me your highest FPS count, so I could figure out that jumpy frame rate.

    Thanks to all

    <font size="2">edit: Forgot to say, I'm using chrome frame on IE9</font>

  • I got 59-60 capped.

    On third test, when i died (collided BOTH on wall and obstacle, so TWO explosions) the FPS went down to 30 but raised on same sec to 60 FPS again.

    Maybe you remove the destroy event?

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  • Stayed at 60 in chrome.

    Lowest it went in Ie9 was 57.

    (I have a pretty decent system)

    Looks great!

  • 48-50 chrome

  • 64 in FF 10

    54 on very start of the game (before being in the corridor)

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