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  • Alrighty guys. After struggling to get XDK to work ( turns out the problem was I wasn't exporting to the "www" folder, the tutorial needs to be revised to specify that, because if you don't export to "www" folder, all you get is a blank white screen ) I finally got everything to work. Without further ado, here is my latest invention: Tower20!

    If you've ever wanted to play a 10-minute long, retro RPG similar to games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, look no further! In Tower20, you play as an adventurer who must save the universe from an evil Phoenix. You advance from floor to floor, fighting in turn-based battles against a dozen different monsters, half of which have special abilities that can really screw you over! Then, IF you make it to the top, you face the wretched Phoenix himself in an all-out clash of epic retro proportions. If you beat him, you win the game. If you lose, you reset and start all the way back at floor 1.

    Sounds like your cup of tea? I've priced it at 99 cents, so there are no in-app purchases or annoying ads to worry about. If the game picks up some momentum, I'll start taking content requests, and adding those requests into the game and updating at no extra charge. If you download it, let me know your honest opinion of the game and if you run into any problems. I've tested it on my laptop, PC, Sony Xperia Z1 and Acer Iconia tablet and things all ran fine so I'm hoping all goes well for you guys too. Thanks in advance!

    Trailer Link:

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    Google Play Link: ... r20android

  • Vulturus - I just watched the trailer on Google Play. Nice job on the video and the game looks good. Best of luck!

  • Game is now free, I forgot to make it free earlier.

  • Game is now free, I forgot to make it free earlier.

    Okay, I just played through once. I got to floor 13 before dying. I really like this game. You've done a wonderful job. I like how simple it is, and the music is catchy.

    Pros: simple, cute graphics; good music; easy gameplay

    Cons: I think you should lock it into landscape view (on my Android phone, it flips between portrait/landscape); when I was killed, my HP went to negative numbers

    Ideas: what about showing enemy HP (maybe by enemy's head), show your player's current experience or experience needed for level up.

  • Hey! Thanks for playing.

    The only reason I didn't show experience is because Dragon Warrior, one of the games I was drawing inspiration from, didn't show experience either. I was trying to get as close to that NES/Dragon Warrior feel as possible. Plus, I don't really have a lot of space to work with. I'm sure I could fit an experience bar over to the right underneath the Floor counter, but I was trying to keep the interface uncluttered as possible. But I agree completely about the landscape/portrait thing ( it looks terrible in portrait ) and I'll see if I can fix that as well as the negative numbers. Bear in mind though whether your HP is 0 or if it goes into the negatives, the game functions exactly the same in both cases.

    Here's a video of what I meant by the exp not being shown:

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  • Vulturus - yes, you are right. I do like the simple interface. Like you said, you are trying to make a fun, 10-minute experience. I think you definitely accomplish that. My thoughts about showing experience is because several times I know that I am getting close to a level-up (where my HP and MP will refill), but I wasn't 100% certain, so I was hesitant to use my magic or go for one more attack. But, if I could see my experience and know I only need a few more experience points to level-up, then I would take a calculated chance and attack or use heal magic, etc.

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