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  • Hey everyone, here's a little game I pretty much made within the week. The bird is placeholder and the sounds are all too, currently. Lacking the final polish, but mostly there.

    I plan to upload it to the arcade, once I've finalised it, bought sound fx and redrawn the bird etc.

    I've based it on a similar tower building game, so that I am now only able to learn to use C2 in a fun way, but while working on a project that I understand as its 80% mapped out, with some of my own take on it.

    AIM: to build your tower and go for as long as you can. watch out for the birds, mind. Enter your name in the top right on starting as it'll save your scores.

    LMB = Drop Block / Destroy Block

    RMB = Rotate Block Before Dropping / Rotate Block Thats Been Dropped.

    RMB also bats away the birds.

    Enjoy and let me know what you all think. Thanks. Liam

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