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  • hello all .

    i work on a topdown shooter (temp name : tower) since a few months on my spare time.

    here is an alpha version with some playables levels.

    its meant to be played full screen so please enable the fullscreen option of your browser.

    i have now 10+ type of ennemy

    8 weapons and 7 special abilities.

    i just finished the progression system : as you can see you can grab key, which will allow you to open other part of the game.

    some levels will only give you some money which can allow you to purchase extra equipement before loading an harder levels.

    the load and save are fonctionnal : if you grab the key,finish the level, save, and come back and load, you will have it in your inventory.

    i think the game is too heavy and i have lowFPS on light computer

    i'm searching for a construct2 expert to look my code and help me improve perf, solve bugs, and explain me how do to things better when my code is overcomplex for no reasons.

    i have many questions , good motivation, and would like to finish this project so if you want to help, thanks a lot.

    any advices ( good and bad :) ), comments, or ideas, are welcome :)

  • KaMiZoTo


  • They won't see it, unless they have already posted here.

    BTW I don't think that asking for specific users is really good. Makes everyone look less good than these guys!

  • ok. i wont do it again :)

    i called them because they know the project and already helped me on it.

    so it seems fair to let them know where it goes.

  • Yes! I love this kind of game.

    Really well done.

    Very hard. I'll have to play again when I have more time.

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  • i hoped for more reactions and maybe some advice :)

    anyway thanks AlbertHall for your message. i would have feel a bit alone without you.

    soo i will post another version where all weapons and all monster can be tested.

  • Won it.

    The obstacle room at the top was the hard part.

    I liked the different enemies and their behaviors. And the laser sounds and effects were pretty good.

    There were some grammatical errors in the text though,

    like the text on the first part should say "if a zombie touches you, you're dead."

    Looks like you have put quite a bit of effort into this thing.

    The colored doors, and switches are a nice touch.

  • Hey Manukeo :)

    The game seems to progress well since I last saw it. Works fine on my pc!

    It's strange. Is there a shader that blur the screen around the hero or is my monitor broken? ^^

    You still have issues with the 'restart layout' action? When we die, we can't play again. I had to refresh the page.

    I think Zombies are enought hard with just the contact penality. No need of projectiles. Otherwise There're too hard.

    (try to desactivate the enemy events when you're dead.The spider was pushing my deadbody.)

    The minebombs are fun!

    Keep up the good work. :D

  • hi !


    thanks for feedback, yeah i didnt pay attention to grammatical , anyway this is a fast done level to show you the mechanics. when the game's gameplay will be complete i'll do a real tutorial, which will launch the story.

    this is just an alpha build to get some advices, none of these levels are designed to stay in the final version.

    and yes, i putted some efforts into it

    and i will add some more difficults levels for you in the next version

    KaMiZoTo : yes i was unable to fix the restart layout problem. i fixed some bugs induced by "on destroyed" events , by adding a variable "gamerunnning = 0 or 1", but i cant properly restart the obstacle map when the level restart, and often have my pathfinding ennemy be able to cross closed door after a restart.

    if you die you have to press ENTER and you go back to the portals room : it dispense me to have to use restart layout. but if you do a level multiple time, the bug still can happen.

    for the zombie, i think i may listen to you or at least make two kind of zombie. one very low with projectile slowing you down, and one like this one, but with no projectile.

    anyway i wanted this game hard, as i were inspired by HOTLINE MIAMI and TELEGLITCH.

    about the shader bug, it come from the lights effect, which are sprites with overlay, i dont know why there is this blur effect. it should not be there.

    and i will fix the spider problem. i like that enemies continue to bully the deadbody, but it should not move.


    can you tell me on what browser you play ? because on my computer its only working with chrome and chromium. firefox make it very slow and IE put a lot of webGL bugs.


    thanks a lot for your feedback

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