Topdown car game: Pulsar Rally Championship

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  • We were asked to create a game for Pulsar Watches, top down car game with a rally feel. And here is the result :)

    Had an absolute ball creating it. And proud of the result.

    It's a pretty simple game, the artwork really sets it off I think.

    Pulsar Rally Championship

    Warning: You do need to do a simple signup (the game is based around a competition). So apologies if this annoys anyone, it's how the campaign works.

    It was primarily made to be started via, facebook however not required.

    Would of loved more time on it to add some cool effects, however these remained out of the scope of this project. Water. Jumps. Skids. Dust. Levels.

    Thanks to the following plugins and their authors:

    -pode_html_iframe (for the iframe)

    -rex_hash (for json en/decode)

    -Time Manager (for the lapcounter logic)

    -cbhash (for encryption)

    ..Hope I didn't miss any!

    Biggest let down was the sound engine support in html5 - I developed a nice engine sound (which was great in chrome) but failed in a range of other browsers. Further investigation this is not Construct2's fault, but rather audio engines in the affected browsers.

  • Good presentation, its a shame you ran out of time, dust would have really taken it to the next level.

    Still, very polished looking UI and a fun game.

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  • it is a very nice and addictive game, congrats

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